Scandinavian interior of a three-room apartment with an area of ​​64 sq.m.

This stylish apartment was found on the website of one of the real estate agencies in Stockholm, after which interior bloggers spread the photos online. And indeed, there is something to see in this interior – the basic Scandinavian interior, combined with trendy accents, deserves to be an inspiration to update the boring Scandinavian interior. In our article, we figure out how to repeat this spectacular interior.

The apartment is located in a historic building, which explains the non-standard layout. The entrance hall divides the apartment into two zones – the space of the kitchen-living room and the space occupied by 2 bedrooms.

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The basis of the interior is a classic Scandinavian style in sandy shades. If you are looking for stylish options for beige walls, then this cool shade of wet sand combined with white baseboards will be a good alternative to classic warm shades.

Decor elements have been restored in the apartment – window sills, slopes, and doors. all this creates a special atmosphere in this Scandinavian interior.

Another special decoration of the interior is a cozy view from the window. A well-maintained balcony with furniture and plants always makes the view from the window more aesthetic.

But the main goal with the interior of this living room, of course, is the furniture. The curved sofa is complemented by 80s-inspired white tables and sculptures on a minimalist black metal shelving unit. On the wall is a three-dimensional panel with an abstract plot, which perfectly complements the palette of sandy shades. The dining area is formed by an elegant round table with chairs in the style of mid-20th-century modernism.

Due to the peculiarities of the layout, a place was allocated for the kitchen in the corridor between the hallway and the living room.

In order to accommodate everything you need, work areas are equipped on both sides of the corridor. Kitchen fronts follow the color of the walls and do not clutter up the space, while small black details decorate this neat kitchen, adding contrast to it.

The hallway area is decorated with a large mirror that visually expands the narrow corridor space and wall decor. Wardrobes are hidden behind the facades, and painted to match the walls, which allows you to maintain the conciseness of the Scandinavian style.

The interior of the bathroom in this apartment is Scandinavian-style simple, but the window and natural light will make the arbitrarily simple space of the bathroom aesthetically pleasing.

Floral print wallpaper was chosen for the large bedroom, which became an accent in a warm beige palette of textiles and wood textures.

Scandinavian-style furniture is very simple but perfectly matched in shades. Even the slightly more peach leather back of the chair complements the overall palette rather than standing out from it.

As in the living room in the bedroom, the mirror takes its place opposite the window, reflecting the sun’s rays and making the space brighter.

In a small, probably children’s bedroom, the interior is even simpler.

But even such a simple interior can be made more interesting by adding graphic contrasting lines. In this interior, posters on the wall and a console play the role of such accents.

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