Scandinavian boho: how to create an interior in the most fashionable style

A mixture of Scandinavian design and boho motifs is one of the most trendy stylistic techniques this season. We tell you how to bring a fashionable Scandi-chic mood into your own interior.

1. Focus on simplicity and functionality

Despite the fact that details and decorative components are very important in Scandi-boho, the leitmotif of the interior should be the “whales” of Scandinavian design: simplicity and functionality. That is, “decoration” cannot in any way turn out to be a priority over the convenience of your everyday life.  

2. Add complex colors

White is one of the key colors in the palette of Scandinavian interiors. However, if we are talking about Scandi-boho, it is worth adding a little more complex, rich tones: it can be black-gray, wine, sand, terracotta, or amethyst. The main thing is to try not to go beyond the natural palette and avoid too simple or frankly unnatural shades.

3. Don’t forget the vintage details

Vintage furnishings and antique accessories fit perfectly into Scandinavian boho. Of course, you shouldn’t turn your house into a flea market, but adding a few details with history is a must.

4. Choose natural materials

Wood, leather, stone,  fur and skins, natural textiles – try to create an interior based on natural materials. By the way, environmental friendliness of the environment is one of the global trends that determine the direction of development of modern interior design.

5. Turn to wicker accessories

All kinds of wicker and knitted accessories are extremely appropriate in Scandinavian boho – from wicker baskets and lampshades to rattan furniture, from macrame-style decor to large knitted blankets.

6. Don’t skimp on textiles

Interiors in the Scandi-boho style should literally envelop you from the threshold with an abundance of textured natural textiles.

Don’t skimp on decorative pillows, blankets, bedspreads, poufs, carpets and runners.

7. Don’t be afraid to add plants

Living plants are something with which it is almost impossible to “overdo it” when decorating an interior in the Scandi-boho style. Feel free to add them – and don’t be afraid to overdo it. By the way, in addition to the aesthetic component, you will receive an excellent natural microclimate regulator in the apartment.

8. Remember ethnic decor

Ethnic notes are a mandatory element of decorating in the Scandi-boho style. Use decor in the appropriate style, ethnic patterns, and ornaments; you can also add clay and ceramic accessories to the interior.

9. Bring a sophisticated touch

And, of course, what would Scandi-boho be without a touch of bohemianism? Sophistication can be added to the atmosphere with the help of objects of art, as well as materials related to luxury ( metals like brass, copper, gold, natural stone, and crystal). It wouldn’t hurt to put a bouquet of fresh flowers (or dried flowers) in a vase.

10. Create cozy associations

In Scandinavian boho, design elements traditionally associated with comfort and a homely atmosphere would be extremely appropriate: books, candles, lamps, and garlands with soft warm light.

Feel free to use these proven techniques to create the right mood.

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