Kitchen Island: 40 examples for a modern interior

The open layout radically changed the appearance of the kitchen: its furniture was likened to the atmosphere of the living room. The kitchen island becomes more relevant than ever – facing towards the living room, it makes the transition of zones more harmonious. Kitchen modules seamlessly flow into media libraries, for example, at the ends of the island often arrange shelves for magazines and souvenirs.

Textured wood, ceramics, and matte silky varnishes are in fashion. Cement is still popular: this brutal, previously building material embodies a new chic and looks glamorous. Metal is in demand: stainless steel, aluminum, as well as steel with a patina effect. Coatings based on nanotechnology create pleasant-to-the-touch surfaces and protect against fingerprints.

Interior finishes are not inferior in luxury to those on the outside. Accessibility of content is also important: push-to-open and tip-on mechanisms open doors and drawers after a light press. Designers strive to evoke feelings and emotions by appealing to associations and cultural codes.

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