How to create a beautiful bedroom: 35 solutions

How to create a beautiful bedroom: 35 solutions

Until the beginning of the 17th century, there was no bedroom. Because there was no division into rooms at all: where they received guests and ate, they also slept there, and several people were in the same room. The presence of beds did not make it a bedroom. In the 18th century, it already got better: a separate sleeping room appeared and even acted as a front door. It is known that Louis XIV, in accordance with court etiquette, received guests in bed or during the dressing procedure.

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The interiors of the palace bedrooms competed with the throne room… But this is a vivid episode that people like to quote. For the main part of its history, the bedroom remained the most closed, intimate room. And therefore, sometimes they saved on it, giving all the best in the living room.

Here is what Parisian interior architect Alain Marcot says: “During the first meeting with a client, we talk about everything: about the wallpaper in the living room, about the tiles in the kitchen – but not about the bedroom. This is a forbidden topic for conversation, an intimate area. It evokes associations with the body, with nudity. Sometimes just talking about her device reveals a hidden problem in the relationship between the two. Until now, it seems to many that the bed is something indecent and no one should see it. But, having once forced clients to overcome constraint, you notice in them the desire of real egoists: to create from this room a closed cell of a family structure, a private living room, a couple’s boudoir.

Today it is obvious: to make a room exclusively for sleeping is at least impractical. Living space is shrinking, every room counts. There are more and more complex families – this is a pan-European trend. Not only do children want to stay aalone – parents also dream of having a room isolated from the activities of the rest of the household.

Europeans want their bedroom to be spacious (at least 20 m2), with a large bed (at least 160×200 cm). They intend there not only to sleep. But also to read, relax during the day, and work. And also indulge in memories by placing collections, expensive photographs, souvenirs, and your favorite items there.

Increasing the feature set of the bedroom requires increasing its size. Why is it growing? As a survey of Europeans shows, at the expense of the living room. This trend correlates with other changes in life. People today receive fewer guests; if they do, it is often in the kitchen. Another trend: a new way of life gives rise to new furnishings. There are huge beds-complexes with built-in lamps, shelves, and tables. The third trend: men began to show a keen interest in the interior of the bedroom.

“About this, contact your wife” – you hear this less and less today … But even if the bedroom is used only for its intended purpose, it should not be underestimated: here we fall asleep and wake up. What we look at when we wake up can affect the rest of the day. And one more thing: a person’s attitude to a room that only he sees speaks of the degree of his self-respect.

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