DO Architects: fantastic apartment of Lithuanian architects

DO Architects, a multi-purpose architecture studio based in Vilnius, has designed 138 sq. meters. The cinematic and almost fantastical image gives the apartment an unusual gender and an accurate choice of subjects.

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Terrazzo has unusual fractions of large fragments of marble, granite, and travertine, combined with a white concrete binder. Pieces of natural stone, each in its precise position, create a unique surface that brings together different shapes, colors, and cuts. The floor becomes the backdrop for every other carefully thought-out detail or object placed in the living room.

Complementing the luxurious floors are modernist couches and chairs, a minimalist kitchen, and Bang & Olufsen designer appliances. The walls and columns have a textured finish that absorbs sunlight, creating a sense of shadow play. Warm beige curtains take the brunt of direct sunlight, while light wood panels that separate the zones bring warmth into the living spaces.

A concrete staircase leads up to rooms that are presented in a completely different way – with pristine white floors and an almost curated, gallery-like interior.

The most intimate space inside the apartment – the bathroom – has a great view of the city. An additional skylight adds natural light. Reflected off wood wall panels, it heats cold terrazzo, marble, concrete, glass, and stainless steel surfaces. 

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