Beige living room: 50 examples

The beige color in the interior has long been reproached for being too modest, predictable, and safe. In troubled times, it turned out that the triviality of beige is exactly what many need. Including in the home space, where you want to find a refuge from adversity.

Cream, sand, coffee with milk, the color of unbleached linen – a variety of shades of beige found a place in actual and fashionable palettes. Naming the colors of the year, trendsetters highlight Nude tones, which bring “increased comfort” to the design of the living room, bedroom, office, and other spaces and allow you to make the living space pleasant and productive.

Farrow & Ball brand experts believe that in difficult times, our soul yearns for warm shades that will turn the house into a cozy refuge from the outside world. These are primarily the colors of the earth, which soothe and strengthen our connection with the natural elements. So, the beige interior of the living room should ground, help calm down and focus – such an effect will come in handy in a multi-tasking room, which today has taken on the role of a place to communicate with family, an office, and an entertainment area.

The colorists at PPG, who sell not only home decor paints but also coatings for planes, cars, and all sorts of other consumer products, say the palette is based on Transcend, a beige with a hint of pink. This new beige is not the color that brings to mind the dull bourgeois interiors of the 80s. A beige living room will look trendy if you choose a fresher shade with pink rather than yellow notes.

Little Greene, continuing its collaboration with the British National Trust, introduced the Stone palette of natural colors. It is filled with warmth, tranquility, and eternal harmony. Stone’s capsule collection of warm neutrals marks a long-awaited departure from the decade-long grey.

The shift towards warmer and more natural colors often referred to as the “new neutrals”, has been accompanied by an increase in the popularity of earth and stone tones, providing an alternative to cooler color options. These gentle neutral tones can be used in all spaces of the house: a beige living room or bedroom will create a feeling of coziness and simplicity, while the neutral shade of the walls will serve as a harmonious backdrop for interiors of all styles.

The popularity of neutrals accompanies an increasing interest in organic design. From “humble” elemental materials – plywood, concrete, cork, rattan, clay, and jute – to recycled and locally sourced materials. The beige color in the interior makes them a harmonious company and maintains a rough rustic style, which contrasts well with technological gadgets and laptops. Modern “naive” design – simple in form, but with a deep philosophy. This is the opinion of Dulux experts – they highlight the “elementary” shade of Brave Ground, reflecting “the strength that we can draw from nature, our growing desire to fit the planet and look to the future.”

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