Apartment in colors of nature

Apartment of 90 sq. meters is located in the LCD “Olympic Village Novogorsk”. Tatyana Alenina and Vladimir Krasilnikov started the project at the stage when the customer was making a decision to purchase. “From the seventh floor there was a beautiful view of the forest – it became the determining factor. Our main task was to draw all attention to the panorama outside the window, let nature into the house, breathe the light forest air into the interior,” say the designers.

The owner of the apartment is an active, positive girl, she travels a lot and often receives guests. “We have already done several projects for her, public and private, for a long time we have built a warm relationship. She created an apartment in Novogorsk for herself, so it was important to take into account her preferences, quality of life, and interests. The decisive factor was the trust on the part of the customer and the carte blanche provided by her. We did everything slowly, carefully choosing and rhyming details.

Tatiana and Vladimir consider the initial layout of the project to be successful: a rectangle with floor-to-ceiling windows on one side – the designers have arranged living room along with them. “The area is 90 sq. meters is enough for one person. Therefore, we decided to make the premises as large as possible. We got a decent entrance area, a guest bathroom with a laundry room, a private block with a large dressing room, and an open space living room-kitchen-dining room. A large company can have a great time here: cook food, watch movies, and talk at the same time.

The designers offered a thick dark palette, diluting it with soft shades of light gray, orange-yellow, and soft pink. Finishing materials repeat natural colors and textures. On the floor there is a massive board of gray tone of weathered wood from the Golden Forest company, on the walls of the living room, the shade of the evening fog echoes nature outside the window. The bathroom next to the bedroom was finished with tiles from the Italian factory Mutina, and the entrance area, and the guest bathroom with Keope Ceramiche tiles. 

“When choosing furniture, we sought to combine different shapes, straight and rounded, as well as to make the environment as comfortable as possible, without interfering with movement around the apartment. Various materials were combined in the decoration of furniture. Leather, functional matting, velvet, and, of course, linen. An important part of the project was joinery made in the Furniture Atelier of Sergey Kartashov: dressing rooms with facades covered with gray veneer and matte enamel to match the walls, massive sliding doors with extensions to the ceiling, free-standing shelving made of black metal and veneer. In the living room and kitchen, two almost identical cabinets form volumes. One is for the kitchen, the other includes handy drawers for books and magazines plus open shelves for beautiful large items.” The custom-made kitchen was complemented by a Leicht island. Household appliances: Bosch.

Designers successfully combined items of Italian and Scandinavian brands. The ensemble of the living room is formed by a Minotti sofa, Poltrona Frau armchairs, Menu and Bolia tables, a chandelier above the sofa and a Nemo floor lamp, Jan Kata carpet for Kover Buro. The Rimadesio dining table is complemented by Norr 11 chairs, Vibia chandelier, Catellani Smith lamp. For the bedroom, we purchased Minotti bed, Pianca bedside tables, Gubi armchair, Bolia table, Saba Italia pouffe, Atelier Areti lamps, Atelier Tati bed linen. Bathrooms are equipped with Ceramica Cielo and Zucchetti equipment, Penta and Menu lamps. At the entrance is Denis Milovanov’s bench. Furniture and lighting were supplied by the Krassky salon, textiles by the Volokno company. The accessories were bought by the customer at the 3 L Store.

The interior is complemented by art from the gallery of Marina Gisich: the work “Traces of a Man” by Alexander Chernogrivov in the dining room and “Pause” by Andrey Rudyev in the bedroom. In the living room is a painting by John Franzen from Booroom Gallery.

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