Can’t be smaller: how to arrange life on 20 m²

Comfort on 20 square meters? Yes, it is possible!


Designer Ekaterina Shein designed the apartments for daily rent. The task was to stand out from the rest of the room stock with minimal costs. Therefore, as a feature we chose the “Tiffany” color in the decoration and furniture in white and light shades. The turnkey implementation took two months. 


Typically 20 square meters is the area of ​​one room. Here it is a whole apartment, where it was necessary to place a full bed, a workplace, a mini-kitchen with all the necessary equipment, a dining area, and storage space. And don’t forget about the maid’s closet being locked.

Finishing from the developer. During the renovation process, the walls were repainted and the baseboards were replaced with white ones. Thus, at low cost, it was possible to create a unique interior.

The kitchen is made to order. Despite its small size, it was possible to accommodate all the necessary equipment for a short stay of guests. A refrigerator is hidden behind the facade in the bottom row, and a microwave is hidden in the top rows.

All cabinet furniture in the project is made to order. To optimize the budget, the facades are made of the same material as the body (white Egger chipboard). To make the cabinets look more interesting, we used unusual handles. It is a combination of wood and stone, and the wood pattern on each handle is unique. 

In the hallway in the niche, instead of a cabinet, only doors were made, this allowed us to save the budget, as well as create a convenient place to store a suitcase, since in the niche there is no bottom of the cabinet, but just a floor.

A mirror, a vanity unit, and decor were added to the bathroom by the developer. “I wanted to add a turquoise color to the poster, but I couldn’t find the right one, so I painted it myself, using the paint that was used to paint the walls in the room,” says the designer.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
those who are in a hurry

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