Francisco Pardo Arquitecto: accommodation in the city of surfers

Escondida, designed by Francisco Pardo Arquitecto, fits into the coastal landscape of the Mexican surf town. It is 50 meters from the Pacific Ocean, overlooking Puerto Escondido Bay (“Hidden Port”) in Mexico. Known for its wild and endless beaches, this area is one of the most revered tourist attractions on the Oaxacan coast, attracting surfers from all over the world.

The project respects the environment. The buildings stand on a sloping site with an inclination angle ranging from 20° to 40°. Thanks to the complex and alternating layout, residents enjoy a unique experience and access to a beautiful panorama. “The placement of housing adapts naturally to the existing topography. The villas strive to create a harmonious symbiosis between the architecture, the Pacific Ocean and the inhabitants, complemented by extraordinary panoramic views of the surrounding area,” states Francisco Pardo, founder of the studio.

The complex consists of 16 residences with an area of ​​150 sq. m. meters plus a terrace of 70 sq. meters at the lower level. The apartments, variously built into the hillside, look more like villas than apartments. Each unit consists of two or three bedrooms, an open-plan living and dining area, and a private terrace that frames the idyllic landscape and sea horizon.

Each apartment has a small private pool, and on the upper roofs of the houses there are three types of common areas: in the east – a bar and relaxation area; in the center is the main pool with a sun terrace; in the west there is a swimming pool for children. The apartments are accessed via a system of paths through the gardens, which follow the natural slope of the area. Ocean breezes, combined with the shade provided by the cantilevered roofs and cross ventilation provided by the deck and side walls, provide passive cooling. Z

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