Installation at the Stedelijk Museum reveals the benefits of mycelium

The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam is hosting an exhibition installation of the local clothing brand Yume Yume. As part of the interactive exhibition, the fashion brand team not only demonstrates its collection, made entirely of mycelium-based bio-leather but creates a multi-sensory experience for visitors. Viewers of the  Descent into Fungal project were able to watch in real-time the growth of a living structure on a special platform in the center of the space for two months. Yume Yume collaborated with biotech company MycoWorks, whose Reishi™ plant material was the key to the line. The project team supplemented the exhibition with videos revealing the intricacies of the process of growing mycelium, as well as regular performances for the audience with the participation of artists, designers, poets, and more. According to the brand, the installation is designed to raise awareness among consumers and other fashion companies about the need to switch to more sustainable alternative materials. In the industry’s ideal future, the team says, clothing items are not manufactured, but grown by nature. 

The last day of the exhibition is January 25

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