How to use vintage items in the interior: 6 valuable examples that will inspire you

Using vintage items found on the Internet, at a flea market, or at grandmothers’ houses in the interior is a trend that is not going to give up. Today, vintage items can be seen in modern interiors, and in those where they deliberately tried to add historicism. We invite you to be inspired by examples from designers!

1. Vintage lamp in the kitchen

The Pineapple chandelier which took pride in place in the kitchen in this project provided inspiration for the creation of the entire interior. This is not just a lamp, but a memory from childhood, pleasant emotions, and sensations that had to be preserved and brought into the new apartment of the hostess. The vintage chandelier went to the hostess from her grandmother. All childhood, waking up in the morning, the customer looked at this chandelier.

As a result, the interior turned out to be bright and eclectic. There is a lot of color, light, and details that attract the eye. 

2. Bedside tables from the 70s in the bedroom

In this project, the interior turned out to be classic. The apartment is located, in a pre-revolutionary building, so the designer wanted an appropriate atmosphere in the setting. It was created using classical stucco on the walls, wooden parquet, large chandeliers, and furniture. 

For example, in the bedroom bedside tables – a classic form. This is a 70s vintage from Romania. They were painted in the color of the walls, which literally “dissolves” the furniture in space, but at the same time, the outlines are still guessed. 

3. Chairs, armchair and office chair 

An apartment for a married couple – the interior is built on a combination of modernity and vintage. And in fact, there are a lot of vintage things here: these are chairs in the kitchen (real Thonet), an armchair in the sleeping area, and a work chair in the living room at the desktop. The objects are organically inscribed in the space and it seems as if they have always stood there – but this is the essence of the harmonious combination of modern and vintage.

4. Mirror in the bathroom

This apartment has a modern interior but with historical touches. One of the vintage items is a mirror in the guest bathroom. This room in itself is one of the brightest due to the decoration; wallpaper with a tropical theme was pasted here. Above the small sink is just the same mirror in a golden frame, which is ideally combined with other golden details: a faucet, a holder for towels and toilet paper, and a hygienic shower. Beauty is manifested not only in the whole but also in the details.

5. Wardrobe, sideboard, chairs, armchairs, and more 

This project in a 1900 house, which was divided into two studios for rent to city guests. Vintage is in each of the apartments. So, for example, in the “blue” room there are chairs in the dining area, an armchair of the 19th century, which can be safely classified as an antique, and a stove is also a legacy of this house.

The “crimson” apartments have a vintage wardrobe, the kitchen is decorated with a part of an old sideboard, and the dining area is decorated with chairs. And also lamps! Vintage pieces hang over the dining tables, as does the blue suite’s bathroom. 

These details made it possible to recreate the spirit of a bygone era and bring a unique charm to the interiors. 

6. Antique sideboard in the dining area

This one-room apartment is filled with prints, textures, and interesting details. The dining area has an antique buffet. It was not found immediately, the search took several months, but on the other hand – the right copy fit in in an authentic way!

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