Modern style in the interior: new trends in the organization of aesthetic space

Nowadays, interiors have become completely different: modern style demonstrates the rejection of pure style in favor of a mixed, eclectic design idea. This fact means the presence of new expressive means, peculiar techniques of popular zoning, as well as a new approach to planning the interiors of apartments and country houses. The main criterion for this approach is pronounced individuality. This is manifested in the fact that you can choose your favorite color, furniture that you consider comfortable, trinkets dear to your heart, cute little things, and decor that is pleasing to the eye – and all this will be considered fashionable, relevant, and appropriate. However, some rules and trends must be observed in order for the home to look modern and harmonious.

What is a modern style?

This is a very broad concept, covering a whole layer of the most famous interior styles and solutions that have been used recently, but in a slightly different, new reading. The modern style in the interior is a kind mix of several historically established and modern styles that have been transformed under the influence of time and have found a natural embodiment in our homes.

The main feature of modern style is eclecticism. However, this is not an illiterate mixture of “everything in a row”, but the art of subtle combinations. Eclectic design is much more difficult to make than strictly following one, strictly defined canon.

The main rule that you need to remember when decorating the interior in this direction is to follow not the historically established style feature, but the correspondence of the color scheme chosen in advance, the unity of form, and the harmonious combination of textures.

A few years ago, all designers spoke with enthusiasm about the simplicity and conciseness of the form, but today it has become clear to everyone that this trend should not overshadow the individual desire of the customer. The internal content of the dwelling, in fact, is a reflection of a person as a person. Any functionalism should be limited by the personal worldview of the owners of the house.

In the long postmodern period, the interior was not often found in one style , since the legacy of recent generations is great. Today, designers have begun to combine directions that seem to have nothing in common. But strict adherence to the chosen color shades and shapes makes them harmonious.

Despite the complete supremacy in the interior design of an individual approach, some recurring fashion trends are still present in them. For example, these are large panoramic windows, with a lot of light. Tiny windows, similar to loopholes in medieval walls, have apparently become a thing of the past forever.

More comfort and warmth

So, absolute coldness with ascetic minimalism is gradually fading into the shadows, and a new more comfortable approach to style is somewhat reminiscent of the Swedish philosophy of happiness “Hygge“. A warm interior in which we feel relaxed and completely safe is a great trend of our time.

You can focus on soft curtains, pillows, and rugs, warm shades of wallpaper, but this is combined with modern furniture and fashion accessories.

Natural wood, flowers, and indoor plants, stone, and cork are reminiscent of the natural environment. These “live” accents in our interior fit into the current eco-trend, and at the same time create an atmosphere of modernity and luxury. Natural materials combined with technical innovations will allow you to create interesting and inspiring stylizations.


Natural colors are still in fashion. Among this range, the favorite today is bottle green, as well as classic blue. The palette of modern colors is enriched with white, peach, terracotta, and mustard, as well as shades of soft pink.

  • Black and white or black and white and gray achromatic interior design is typical for reproducing modern style. The interiors, made in this way, have not only a stylish appearance but also give the room an austere charm.

If only white and black are used in the interior, these colors cannot be taken in equal proportions. In an achromatic interior, one of the colors should prevail at least in a small proportion.

When designing a modern interior in black and white, it is highly recommended not to use many elements with smooth lines, it will look strange. And in general, the main thing here is not to overdo it: if necessary, you should include a small amount of colored decor.

Remember that the basis of modern style is comfort and harmony, and any excess of anything can break it. This is precisely the main difficulty of interior design in a modern style.

Eclecticism – no strict framework

Modern design allows the neighborhood of minimalist furniture next to the classic-looking stucco, Greek sculptures, and solemn columns with pilasters in the antique spirit. Brick loft masonry can “make friends” with bright art deco decor.

Each person in a modern interior has the opportunity to express an original idea in a non-standard way. Of all the directions, you need to take the most interesting, and as a result, get your own, unique and individual result.

New geometry

The magnificent neighborhood of various geometric shapes, and lines, can contrast with natural soft textures. The main thing is to follow the chosen color palette, then you can combine the “new” with the “old”. For example, in a modern interior, all four walls of a room can be different.

For example, one wall can be covered with wallpaper with geometric patterns, and the other three with textured wallpaper. It is very fashionable to combine “classic” accessories with geometric shapes, these can be mirrors, tables, small hanging shelves, and cabinet handles.

Living room in a modern style

The most fashionable trend in modern living room design is the creation of an open layout. Visual zoning can be implemented by grouping furniture, putting up partitions, building podiums, and making the floor from different materials, while finishing the walls in different ways. Helps to zone the space in the living room and lighting.

  • The modern style of the interior is a new fashion design trend that harmoniously combines beauty, comfort, and functionality. There should be a lot of light in this style, therefore, in addition to a fashionable chandelier on a beautiful ceiling, there should be a floor lamp in the room, several sconces, spotlights, and spectacular LED lighting. Lighting fittings are selected in original forms, possibly with metal parts.

Advice! In the living room, there may be a variety of types of furniture, but they must match in shape or color to each other. Furniture that transforms is very fashionable today.

A transforming table in a modern style can stand next to an antique sideboard. Perhaps a combination of decor made of glass, metal parts, or furniture made of various types of natural wood. Now it is allowed to combine both glossy and matte, both embossed and smooth textures in one room.

  • When designing an interior in a modern style, it is important to take into account every detail, even the smallest detail. When choosing furniture, do not forget that the space should not look too cluttered. However, leaving a lot of space empty is also not worth it, you need to find the so-called “golden” mean.

A sofa, a coffee table, a couple of armchairs, a chest of drawers – this may be enough. In fashion, not only floor but also wall carpets. Fluffy carpeting can cover one of the walls from the floor to the stream, the other walls will be smooth. Color gamut – analog or contrast.

Kitchen in a modern style

Modern kitchen design today is not only simple and functional but also harmonious. Traditional solutions of a practical nature – a zone for cooking, cleaning, and a cozy dining area can be not only strictly minimalistic but also decorative. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the kitchen apron and decor.

  • For a kitchen in a modern style – you can and should choose finishing materials in accordance with your taste, wood is combined with artificial stone, plastic, and glass are immediately present, brick and fashionable ceramic tiles are possible. The main thing is that we make sure that nothing “stands out” from the color scheme chosen for the kitchen. A fashionable technique is a furniture in the form of an island in the middle and in combination with a small bar counter.

From the latest ideas of modern kitchen design, we can recall modular designs that are good for a small kitchen. The module can combine a pull-out type worktop, a small stove, and a sink. In a modern kitchen, there is always spot-type lighting near the working area, as well as a cozy lamp near the dining table, this technique is especially relevant in a narrow kitchen space.

Bedroom in a modern style (photo)

  • A bedroom in a modern style – fully consistent with the individual tastes of most owners – because this is exactly the place where we come to relax and unwind. No matter how fashionable this or that finishing option is, if it is annoying, then you should just forget about the desire to “be in trend”.

The main technique is a similar color scheme. The color of walls, furniture, finishes, curtains, and various accessories can be solved in one calm tone. Tones of gray, and brown, with a small amount of bright accessories, are ideal.

A fashionable technique in modern bedroom design is to match accessories and the color of one wall to match. For example, the wall can be the same color as the blanket on the bed, the shades on the chandeliers , the lampshades on the lamps. Geometric ornaments are good in decoration, including on floor carpets.

Advice! To divide the space into zones, they use both a podium and a decorative sliding partition , a beautiful screen. In the large bedroom, you can equip a dressing room or limit yourself to a closet. Fashionable modular systems, of course, are applicable primarily in a cozy bedroom , especially if the room is small in size.

Bathroom in a modern style

The modern bathroom is more functional than decorative. Small zones of various purposes are separated by small partitions; they can be either transparent glass or capital ones. In order to visually delimit the zones, you can use multiple finishing materials.

The chosen idea for finishing the entire room influences which sanitary ware to choose in terms of shape and color. A popular solution is a hinged type of model mounted on the wall. This is functional, as it is easier to clean, and at the same time decorative, as it visually lightens a small room. Oval and round sinks are popular, which are built into elegant countertops.

Today it is customary to hide washing machines and dryers behind decorative facades to match the color of the walls, and bright accessories play the main decorative role: wall shelves , bottles, towels. Neutral colors are preferred for finishing the bathroom : in addition to traditional shades of white, gray is very fashionable, beige does not lose its relevance.

Hallway in a modern style

In most apartments, the hallway is a cramped corridor that can hardly fit two people, so saving space is one of the main tasks. When choosing furniture for storing things, it is better to choose a closet. Another advantage of such a cabinet is mirrored doors, which help to visually expand the room even more.

Hallway furniture in a modern style has replaced the traditional dressing tables of yesterday with more comfortable and stylish chests of drawers. Here you should take into account everything that was mentioned above: functionality, individual taste, and harmonious selection of details.

Advice! It is better to choose lighting fittings that give a pleasant and soft color, which positively affects the overall atmosphere of the room.

Children’s room in a modern style

The room for the youngest member of your family should also be furnished with the democratic and ecological trends inherent in our time. First of all, you need to take into account the interests of the child, and if his age allows, ask what he likes. Although he is small, he is a person, and some of your ideas may simply be unacceptable to him.

First of all, you need to remember about environmental friendliness, safety, and functionality of future repairs, because your child will live here. In addition, this is, after all, the main trend of our time.


  1. When choosing paint, you should pay special attention to the fact that it does not contain toxic substances – this is confirmed by the appropriate certificate.
  2. Before buying wallpaper, give preference to felt or paper. They, unlike vinyl wallpaper, will allow air to circulate normally in the room.
  3. The floor must be resistant to damage and not slippery. Wood finishes are often treated with chemicals, so the surface needs to be rubbed with natural wax or resin putty.
  4. Furniture should be comfortable, without sharp corners and glass inserts. The space in the room, in accordance with the convenience and modern style of interior decoration, is divided into a recreation area, games, and work.
  5. If your toddler is a preschooler, then it would be great to install a swing in the play area. The kid will be grateful to you – after all, all children love to swing on them so much.

All modern trends, current advice, fashion trends, and fresh ideas are not at all clear, unchanging instructions that must be followed, but light hints of harmonious decoration, some things that you should pay attention to today. Modern style in the interior is the ability, using helpful tips and historical experience, to create your own, absolutely unique and at the same time comfortable interior for yourself and your loved ones.

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