Pleated and playing with shapes: a joint collection by Issey Miyake and Ronan Bouroullec

French designer Ronan Bouroullec worked on a new collection of the Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake called Immersed in the Wilds of Creativity.  “Creative collaboration with the brand’s team was an extraordinary experience for me: I realized how my work is similar to and different from fashion design. It was this synergy and at the same time the remaining distance between us that made the project exciting and inspiring,”  said the designer. The collection was based on Ronan Bouroullec’s drawings, embodied in the recognizable shapes and lines of the house’s products. Guests of the Issey Miyake show at the Tokyo Palace could see the designer’s original sketches on the walls, so the team decided to explore the relationship between the original concept and the result. The new products reflect the bright colors, prints, and organic forms from Bouroullec’s works, becoming even more free and dynamic. Many of the pieces in the collection are designed to be worn in a variety of ways, allowing for experimentation and self-expression without compromising comfort. 

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