Excellent rest from the city: in Norway

The terrace of the accommodation opens directly to the shore, where residents can relax and admire the views of the fjords.

Excellent rest from the city: in Norway

On the rocky coast of Norway, a cozy house was built on “legs” for a break from the bustle of the city. It was designed by the architectural studio Line Solgaard Arkitekter.

The house was built directly on stones, so it was installed on pillars because of the uneven landscape. But so the authors managed to arrange housing by the water.

The exterior of the house, like the interior, is made of light wood. In the first case, this choice helped to fit the house into the landscape, and in the second – to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

The area of the house is 63 square meters. Inside there is a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room (it can also be used as a second bedroom), a dining room, and a kitchen.

In front of the house, there is a small terrace overlooking the coast. In addition, the stones themselves are a harmonious continuation of the veranda – you can have picnics on them and just relax.

Each room has a large window (some have several). Thanks to this, residents will be able to admire the views of the fjords from the house, and enough sunlight will enter the premises.

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