A new project by Indian studio Wallmakers raises the issue of plastic waste

Architects from the city of Kochi built a house in Watakara, Kerala, that houses a collection of 6,200 discarded children’s toys. With the Toy Storey project, studio head Vinu Daniel aims to draw attention to the growing amount of plastic waste around the world. The circular building is complemented by a continuous veranda and vertical projections on the façade made of old Mangalore tiles. In the educated niches, the architects placed toys that reveal their own stories and memories. In addition, thanks to the natural palette of warm colors and materials, the building becomes a harmonious continuation of the surrounding landscape. In addition to an outdoor “toy museum”, the bureau’s project includes a raised living space, as well as a private basement with a home library and bedroom. According to the team, Toy Storey is conceived as a spacious residence that will always be visited by neighbors and members of the local community.

Photo: Syam Sreesylam, Althaf Rasheed.

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