8 Tricks for the interior: they will save you from animals, children, and dirt

It’s clean not where they sweep, but where they don’t litter. But what if you have children or animals living with you, and some of the adults are pathological slobs? We will tell you what practical solutions will make cleaning easier for you and help you keep your repairs in good condition.

1. Wear and Tear resistant upholstery

Light-colored furniture looks beautiful, but it is absolutely impractical in everyday life if it has easily soiled upholstery. And if you have children or pets, your new sofa will very quickly lose its marketable appearance. Therefore, choose furniture in non-marking colors with high-quality water- and dirt-repellent upholstery. The best anti-vandal materials include flock, velour-anti-claw, chenille, microfiber, and Scotchguard fabric. They are the easiest to wash off dirt and are generally durable and wear-resistant.

2. Washable wallpaper

To make your wallpaper last as long as possible, choose one that can be washed. Especially in places where there is a lot of pollution: for example, in the kitchen and in the hallway. Also, the moisture-resistant material is perfect for the children’s room, but when choosing, pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the wallpaper.

3. Backsplash in the dining area

In the cooking area in the kitchen, almost everyone has a backsplash made of tiles or other easy-to-clean material. At the same time, almost no one pays attention to the wall at the table, and it gets dirty almost as much as in the cooking area. To keep the kitchen renovation in decent condition for longer, make an apron in the dining area as well. Choose the material at your discretion – the main thing is that dirt can be easily removed from it.

4. Tiles on the walls in the hallway

The hallway is one of the dirtiest places in an apartment. We drag street dirt there, hang wet clothes, take off our shoes, and lean sports equipment, and bicycles against the walls. As a result, the walls in the entrance area do not remain clean for long, and in general, the coatings are quickly damaged. Therefore, you can choose porcelain tiles or tiles not only for the floor, but also for other surfaces. Ceramics can be used to cover all the walls or only part of the hallway: for example, the one where you put shoes, skis, and a clothes hanger.

5. Vinyl quartz or PVC tiles on the floor

Laminate flooring, parquet boards, or natural parquet flooring are floor coverings that can be easily damaged by dropping hard objects on them. Scratches, dents, and chips remain. In addition, laminate flooring is the most problematic coating in terms of cleanliness, especially dark ones. Traces and dust are noticeable on it, it must not only be washed but also wiped dry to avoid streaks. To keep your floor clean and intact, opt for quartzivinyl or PVC tiles. They have similar properties to porcelain stoneware and tiles, but at the same time are warmer and more pleasant to the touch.

6. Wall painting

If the tenants of the apartment are not the tidiest people or you have animals and/or small children, the renovation should be planned according to the principle “what cannot be washed can be repainted”. And in this case, painting the walls will be the best option. And choose not just interior, but washable paint to make it easier to get rid of dirt.

7. Wear resistant countertop

When choosing a countertop for the kitchen, pay attention to the durability of the material. It is desirable that it does not leave scratches. The second mandatory point is high-quality edging. Of course, a stone countertop (made of marble, for example) will last a long time, but it will hit the budget. Instead, you can take a closer look at surfaces made of vandal-resistant plastic, porcelain stoneware, and acrylic. The thickness of the tabletop should be at least 38 mm.

8. Non-staining cabinets in the kitchen

Kitchen facades are another risk area in terms of contamination. Stains, grease marks, fingerprints, oil splashes – all of this remains on the cabinets. Of course, regular cleaning is still there, but at least you don’t have to run around with a rag every hour if you choose non-staining facades. They should not be glossy, too light, or, on the contrary, too dark. It’s also best to avoid push-to-open doors that open when pressed. Choose cabinets with regular handles – then the fronts will be much cleaner.

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