7 ideas for where to put a kettle in a small kitchen

On the windowsill, in the corner of the countertop, and on hanging shelves – we show all possible options for the location of the kettle in the kitchen, where there is little space.

1. On the countertop

The standard place for a kettle is on the countertop. And if in a small kitchen, it does not interfere with cooking or it is easy to remove it if necessary, then nothing prevents you from keeping it where you are used to, without coming up with complex solutions. In addition, most often, several sockets are located above the work surface, and this is convenient.

2. On the windowsill

Another popular solution is to put small appliances on the windowsill. It is relevant for typical kitchens, where the cooking area is close to the window, otherwise, it will not be very convenient to run across the room for the kettle. It is also important that the width of the window sill is sufficient, as a very narrow one will not do.

3. In a special niche

Looking for a custom solution? Take note of the idea from this project. Here, a special mini-niche was made for the kettle in the closet. For convenience, it was supplemented with a pull-out shelf so that you do not have to stretch and put the device back and forth every time. If you want to simplify the design, you can simply use the existing niche and replace the shelf with a tray or stand on small wheels.

4. In the dining area

Often in a small kitchen, the classic dining table is abandoned in favor of a windowsill countertop. And in this case, you can allocate a part of it for the kettle – the surface becomes larger and there is a place to place small objects. A big advantage of this solution is that everything is at hand, you can boil water and pour tea/coffee without leaving the table.

5. In the corner

Another option for placing appliances on the countertop is to place the appliance exactly in the corner. This area is often left unused, but there is enough space to fit the kettle and there is space in front of it for cooking. And, again, there will be sockets nearby.

6. On the shelf

In the case when there is no space either on the countertop or on the windowsill, there is only one way out – to take the kettle outside the set. The compact model of small volume fits perfectly on a standard hinged shelf. You can also place coffee and tea, a collection of mugs — or any other small items that need to be organized.

7. On a shelf or bookcase

An analog of hanging shelves is a small rack or bookcase, which is often very helpful in the kitchen, where it is not possible to install a roomy set. Especially if the model is on wheels and it can be moved or even taken to another room. When organizing storage, try to group items that are close in purpose: for example, gather together a coffee machine, a kettle, dishes, and everything you need for a tea party.

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