4 easy ways to update the interior in one day

Many often have the desire to update their home without significant effort or expense. It is easy to diversify the interior, just add brightness to the house – this can be done at least once a season. Here are some helpful tips on how to accent your decor with details. So instead of worrying about the cost of replacing your furniture, consider how these tips can improve the atmosphere by focusing on decorative details.

1 Stained glass accents

Stained glass objects are a universal way to avoid boredom in any of the rooms: whether it is a living room, an entrance hall, or other parts of the apartment. “Splashes” of color can be achieved with blown glass accessories and colored glass objects. However, it is important to remember that these accents look best in an uncluttered room, so before you find the right place for a glass table or vase, you need to remove other small items around. It is recommended to use simple color combinations: this will guarantee the right impression that each glass element is not accidental and plays an important role. Be sure to place decorations strategically and limit the number of ornaments in a room.

2 Pillows in jewel tones

Pillows, casually scattered here and there, are usually an integral decorative part of most interiors. And adding a few brightly colored pillows to a living room or bedroom can make all the difference in changing the overall mood of the room. Bright colors are extremely popular right now. Do not neglect this easy and affordable way to transform the room. You can use pillows of different sizes and textures to add depth and intrigue to the overall composition of the space.

3 Let nature into your home 

In terms of brightness and impact on a person, there is little that can compare with plants and trees: think about how best to play with the natural theme in your home decor. Even a single large leafy plant in a pot can add drama to a room, and there are also many beautiful indoor tree varieties. However, you need to take into account the characteristics of the selected indoor plants, since some of them may be difficult to care for. Choose plants that are easy to care for, unless you are going to spend time on special feeding and transplanting. Remember – your goal is simply to freshen up your home.

 Add carpets or shift their location

A carpet or even a small but expressive rug can completely transform a room, making it much more comfortable. The strategic addition of a large carpet creates the right eye-catching effect instantly. You can even place carpet over the carpet so you don’t have to redo the floor. Rugs are also great insulators, so your home will be warmer – and it will be easier and more efficient to maintain the temperature.

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