Alvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira: tea house in Taiwan

Alvaro Siza and  Carlos Castanheira have completed their renowned golf course complex in Taiwan. They created a house for the tea ceremony. The building amazes with its harmonious proportions and massive concrete roof as if floating in the air.

A small building, a tea house with an area of ​​just over 70 square meters. meters – this is a kind of pit stop for rest and snacks. This elegant addition comes to Taifong Golf Club, located in Changhua, Taiwan. Its authors, Pritzker Prize winner Alvaro Siza and architect Carlos Castanheira, designed the club more than ten years ago. The club buildings provided facilities for entertainment and cultural events. All buildings demonstrated a strong connection between the landscape and local culture. The new pavilion follows the same aesthetic, but is more sophisticated and complex.

“We don’t need to play golf to design buildings where it is played. The architect needs to have an understanding of the functions, habits, some rules, as well as the requirements and expectations of the players. Paper, pencil, eraser, colored pencil, pictures of the area and optimism are what you need. Function dominates our projects,” comments Carlos Castanheira.

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