Trends 2023/2024: what the interior will be like according to German experts

German agencies developing strategies for major furniture fairs, in particular for imm Cologne, show how the furnishings and arrangement of homes are linked to fundamental changes in lifestyle. From flexible interior concepts and the desire for an absolutely safe and comfortable home to eco-friendly minimalism and bright color – these are the main development vectors awaiting our homes in 2024.

Hybridity and flexibility

Traditional boundaries between living spaces are disappearing, and homes are being transformed into flexible spaces that function not only as places to live but also to work. Bathrooms are reimagined as private spas, kitchens are transformed into indoor gardens, and gardens are transformed into extended “green living rooms.” Experts expect more innovative furniture releases in 2024, including multifunctional furniture for living and working spaces, weather-resistant sofas for indoor and outdoor use, as well as flexible modular furniture concepts suitable for any space and budget.

Long lasting aesthetics

Sustainable living continues to be a central research topic for both businesses and creative studios. The interior design industry is paying more attention to the production cycle to optimize the use and lifespan of furniture. “Ready-made” tables, chairs, and sofas made from recycled waste or bio-based materials will appear in increasing numbers in 2024. The consumer will be able to choose environmentally friendly furniture and take into account environmental considerations thanks to special “green certificates”, as well as focusing on other factors that relate to a healthy living space.

Inspiring nature

Themes of sustainability, recyclability, and durability not only influence how people choose furniture but are also closely related to its appearance, color, and shape. In 2024, the trend will be natural shades like seaweed or earth tones. Integrating natural or nature-inspired materials and using green plants throughout will give interiors a refreshing, natural feel. This approach is complemented by soft, organic forms in furniture design.

Comfort and safety unlimited

In times of uncertainty, the desire for a safe and cozy haven where you can isolate yourself from the world intensifies—and will only increase in the near future. Calm design and soft-touch surfaces help create a relaxed living environment. Current interior trends favor fabrics, patterns, and textures that appeal to the senses. Among the leading materials will be wood, leather, and natural stone, which are increasingly used in furniture finishing. This design approach creates spaces that radiate warmth and a sense of grounding and connection to reality.

New minimalism

The modern attitude to life is expressed in the desire for simplicity, which is reflected in the trend towards more laconic furnishings. The principle of “no design” is increasingly being applied to new furniture. Thanks to their compact dimensions and simple shapes, elegant chairs, tables, and sofas fit into any space. Minimalist design now speaks not only of timeless elegance and understatement – it signals other positive changes related to ecology: a side effect of this approach is the saving of resources and materials.

Color therapy

In 2024, bold colors are expected to create a counter-trend to understated minimalism and natural tones. The idea is to create a fun and lively atmosphere in your home. Complex shades of red, yellow, and blue are a deliberate departure from the muted color palette of many new interior design collections. This design trend permeates every area of ​​the home, bringing with it a positive atmosphere.

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