For those who seek intimacy with nature, love the summer sun, and the smell of flowers, and appreciate home comfort.

The Provence style is one of the directions of the country style, which includes several dozen varieties. Despite all the diversity, it was the country that won the widest audience. Measured village life gives a sense of tranquility. Sun-burnt colors, large windows. A lot of living and dried plants, naturalness, simplicity, simplicity of lines. Style is archaic. Changes by villagers are accepted slowly and with apprehension.

For the style of Provence, the choice of color is very important. Only pastel colors are used to finish the premises to create the effect of sun-burned surfaces.

The walls and ceilings in the rooms in the Provencal style are most often white, but this is taboo. The primary colors of Provence: are white, cream, beige, pale lemon, terracotta, burnt orange, the color of sunflower petals, blue, pale green, the color of the sea wave, and lavender. Pastel shades of these colors are used for finishing both premises and furniture.

The main characteristics of the design in the style of Provence are:

  1. Laconic, unpretentious silhouettes.
  2. Color palette in natural tones.
  3. Furniture is necessarily wooden, wicker or forged, light; white doors (preferably aged); light ceiling, beams either whitewashed or contrasting; frames are white (preferably from the floor), the binding is small; rough plaster walls.
  4. A large number of décor: curtains on the windows, covers on sofas and chairs, many pillows and pillows, lampshades on chandeliers, collections of ceramic plates, wood carvings. Traditional motifs: roosters, olives, sunflowers, grapes, lavender, bees and beetles.
  5. Feature: Flowers are everywhere! Nature raging in your home. Fresh flowers – in glass vases, ceramic, and just in an old metal jug – and permanent residents in pots, compositions of dried flowers and floristry in paintings.


On the floors there is a board or tile, the boards are aged, patinated, with a relief emphasized by time. Tiles are often terracotta or light brown with a pronounced chamfer effect and traces of patina. Rough texture and natural color. Painted flooring also suits this style, shades muted, natural, bleached wood structures are a favorite in this case.

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