Modern Bathrooms: the main trends of 2022

Understanding how to create a relevant and comfortable space.

Today, the bathroom is not just a room for hygiene procedures, but a full-fledged relaxation area where you can retire and recuperate after a busy day. But what should be the ideal space to meet the trends of 2022?

Is minimalism worth it? Or rich decor looks more advantageous? We have found answers to exciting questions: we have collected the main trends in the design of bathrooms.

Environmental friendliness

More and more people are striving for reasonable consumption and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. The trend is reflected in the design of bathrooms, with organic and sustainable materials at the forefront, as well as sanitary ware with energy and water-saving modes. The conscious approach of large brands to the manufacture of products is important.

Contribution to comfort

At the peak of popularity will be ergonomic things and solutions that simplify human life. Touchless faucets reduce the risk of bacterial transmission, preservative sanitary ware repels dirt, and the ideal bathroom cabinet should open with just a light touch. Comfort can be traced in every detail – from the thoughtful arrangement of plumbing and furniture to the presence of “smart” accessories (water leakage sensors), with which the use of the bathroom becomes as convenient as possible.

Updated minimalism

Minimalism will not lose its leading position in the list of trends. There is a logical explanation for this: people want to take a break from the visual noise and feel complete peace of mind. In 2022, it is recommended to design simple and bright interiors, focusing on the visual increase in space. However, do not forget about practicality  – clear forms are combined with well-thought-out functionality.

The primacy of the senses

Color, shape, and textures affect how a person feels. In the new year, rounded shapes will be at the peak of popularity, emphasizing the atmosphere of tranquility, as well as discreet warm shades. If you don’t like flashy details, look at tone-on-tone designs – furniture-colored handles and monochrome accessories that blend into the room.

Natural materials

This item complements the trend for eco-friendly interior design. The use of natural materials brings you closer to nature and makes the room much more comfortable. Manufacturers have long proven that wood is great for humid bathroom climates, so don’t be afraid to purchase wood furniture, accessories, or wall coverings. Spectacular marble and porcelain stoneware will also remain relevant.

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