Proletarium: a new collection of the ZAPAZUHA brand, designed to serve people

As conceived by the founder of the ZAPAZUHA brand studio, Minsk designer Mikhail Kurnosov, the collection consists of charming “creatures” created to serve man. These objects, whose aesthetics are based on “strict form formation with moderately dominant features,” turn into a thing for others, thus sharing the fate of their owner. The first item in the new line is the ZAVALINAK free-form sofa: despite its monolithic shape, the model is flexible and dynamic, adapting to the needs of the user and, if necessary, easily becoming a chair.  “Proletarium is human-centric, generously helpful, and utilitarianly obsequious. Each “creature” here has a special poetic and memorial essence, which increases as the effect of novelty is lost. This essence is capable of becoming closer to a person, revealing itself more and more fully over time,”  says Mikhail Kurnosov. The ZAVALINAK sofa, as well as the modular sofa ZHY-ZHY and the anatomical chair LORDOZ, will be presented at the ARTDOM exhibition in Moscow. 

Photo: Andrey Kot.

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