Carpets in form of mold by Lizan Freijsen

Dutch designer and artist Lizan Freijsen finds special beauty in fungus, green mold, and wet stains. She transforms the found images into beautiful textiles – carpets, blankets, and wall panels.

Lisan crafts her masterpieces through a unique manufacturing process that combines her long-term research into color and form with labor-intensive handcrafting.

Freijsen says that the stains on the wood-burning shed were the beginning for her. Since they only increased over time and instilled fear and horror in her, Lizan decided to overcome unpleasant feelings, creating, in her opinion, a project that reflects the beauty of imperfection in response on the excessive control reigning in society .

For the production of her textiles, the Dutch artist has mastered an old craft in collaboration with experts from the textile museum in Tilburg – the project has become not only beautiful but also unique. 

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