Design for a new generation of cats and their owners

Benjamin Hubert and his company Layer have developed a collection of home accessories for cats and opened a new line of business.

Cat Person is a brand dedicated to strengthening the relationship between Harry’s customers and their pets. The Cat Person collection includes the Mesa Bowl, a modular feeder, and the Canopy Bed, a 3-in-1 adaptable cat bed.

Research shows that about 35% of pets in the US are owned by millennials, and most cats live in cities. It is important for these consumers to have cat accessories that reflect their own style. 

Sculptural, soft geometric shapes and vibrant colors have been designed to easily fit into modern home interiors that will be proudly showcased on social media.

Most cats sleep up to 5 pm every day, and kittens and older cats sleep even longer. Therefore, it was important to provide a sleeping nook that could be adapted to the interior during the day. The canopy bed is available in three different shades: jungle, tundra, and savannah.

Mesa Bowl is a modular cat feeding station that offers a comfortable feeding environment. The round bowl, made of durable eco-plastic, sits on a sculptural stand. The feeding station “grows” with the cat – it can be used both for a kitten and for adult cats.

“The collection is based on extensive research on the behavior of cats and their owners. The resulting collection not only meets the specific needs of domestic cats but also seamlessly integrates into owners’ home lives,” says designer Benjamin Huebert.

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