Triangular concept

A quiet forested area in the Mountain West region (USA) served as the backdrop for the architectural experiment of the young American William O’Brien Jr.

The triangular house was declared by the customer as a place for out-of-town recreation and storage of a valuable collection of expensive wines, hunting trophies, artifacts, rare books, and other family heirlooms.

Here, in the silence of the forest, alone with nature and yourself, you are supposed to spend your free time and enjoy life to the fullest. Allandale House is formed by three asymmetric volumes: western, central, and eastern parts, each of which has its own functional purpose.

The library, garage, and wine cellar are located in the highest part of the building, the center of the house contains the bedrooms and bathrooms, and the east part hides the living room, kitchen, and dining room. In addition to the triangular orientation of the internal volumes, the interiors of Allandale House are played up with the help of unconventional windows located in different, most unexpected places. Window openings reveal picturesque “pictures” of a forest landscape, bringing notes of warmth and comfort to the restraint of the interior.

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