To figure out which kitchens will be fashionable soon, the Minimalism team studied 300+ new projects for 2024. Despite their amazing variety, we managed to track 7 clear trends in the design of modern kitchens. We are pleased to bring modern kitchen design trends to your attention!

For clarity, our review is supplemented with a selection of 34 recent photos. Let us know in the comments which kitchen you thought was the most stylish and trendy! Or maybe some of them even became the kitchen of your dreams?

If you are planning a kitchen renovation in 2024 and want to make it “long-lasting,” you will need to know not only the trends (which we discuss below), but also the general concept – the direction in which our homes will change over the next decade.

Life during a pandemic and the fight to preserve nature are two key aspects that influence fashion today. Of course, this is reflected in a special way in interior design.

Thus, modern kitchen design trends are no longer about work areas, light shades, and sterile cleanliness. Because the kitchen itself in the current era is not only about cooking and food. People began to spend more time at home, and the kitchen became a real place of attraction. Now here they discuss business over a cup of coffee, make Zoom calls, and organize gastronomic experiments. In the kitchen, they take photos of dishes and table settings for social networks and gather to play board games with light snacks and drinks.

So that you can feel comfortable in any possible situation, your kitchen in 2024 should:

1) Be relaxed and conducive to rest – by increasing the dining area, multitasking the kitchen island, decorating the stove and sink areas, and adding new functions to them.

2) Express your taste and individuality – through display cabinets with trophies, bookshelves, art objects, plant arrangements, and other elements of comfort.

3) Make an impression no worse than a living room – due to bold and bright color schemes, beautiful lamps, shimmering fittings, and a combination of textures of natural materials.

Overproduction and excessive consumption cause more harm to the environment. If you once invested in beautiful and high-quality materials, furniture, and kitchen appliances, then you are unlikely to get tired of such renovations or require additional costs.

Let’s move on specifically to how to achieve this effect – take a look at each trend for 2024 separately.

Trend 1: Kitchens in bright natural colors

Glossy kitchen facades in white and other cold colors no longer have a place in a modern home. They are replaced, like a breath of fresh air, by deep and multifaceted natural colors – herbaceous greens (sage, rosemary, basil, mint), and noble earthy ones (dark gray, black). Floral shades are also popular: violet, lavender, as well as the most fashionable shade in 2024 according to Pantone – periwinkle.

In addition to the fact that it is very beautiful, you will also be satisfied with the practicality of kitchen fronts in such colors. They are neither too light nor too dark. Moderately bold, but in combination with neutral colors of tiles, wallpaper, splashback, and floor – not causing concern. In addition, matte or varnished kitchen cabinets, which are in trend today, unlike glossy ones, are not so demanding to care for: stains, marks from water splashes, and chips are less visible on them.

Let’s reveal the secret of how to make sure that the bright color of the kitchen does not get boring. Please note when viewing the photo – the color is intended to serve as a beautiful background for the play of textures. The contrast between marble and leather, wood and metal, and tiles and textiles looks especially advantageous in a kitchen with facades in muted blue, green, or dark gray.

Trend 2: Minimalistic doors, shaker styles

Since in 2024, it is fashionable to focus on natural shades and beautiful natural textures, any tricks with finishing and decorating facades become unnecessary.

Simple, flat doors, which, if possible, hide appliances, are a modern ideal for a kitchen in a small apartment in a European town.

Among residents of private homes, owners of spacious kitchens, and lovers of rustic charm, wooden kitchens in the Shaker style – with a minimum of milling and complex curves – also remain popular.

To ensure that the kitchen design does not look boring and stylish, designers again use the play of textures. Modern kitchen design trends suggest combining facades painted in bright colors with natural wood patterns and beautiful metal door handles.

Trend 3: Kitchen backsplash made of marble or vintage tiles

The marble in the kitchen is kind of a classic. But lately, it has noticeably moved from countertops to kitchen backsplashes. Another reason for marble to become a fashion trend is that today there are affordable tiles and marble-look panels that are much cheaper than natural stone.

Agree: after all, it looks appropriate even in a minimalist interior. The kitchen in the photo is obvious proof of this.

Vintage tiles with nostalgic motifs or crafted in a deliberately rough manner (supposedly by hand), often in square shapes or mosaics, are one of the most interesting kitchen design trends in 2024. It contrasts wonderfully with smooth facades and countertops, visually dilutes the monotony of the space, and adds a touch of sophistication and romance. And what scope for self-expression opens up here?

Trend 4: Emphasis on fittings and details. The kitchen is a jewel box.

Chrome, stainless steel, and rugged industrial-style details have been popular in kitchen design for the past decade and the decade before it. But in 2024, they seem to have lost their relevance.

Since the kitchen is no longer seen as a workspace, all kitchen appliances and utensils are now preferred to be hidden behind cabinet doors. Either they choose a design that will merge with the facades or, on the contrary, serve as an additional decoration. Luckily, there are hundreds of color options for stoves, refrigerators, and coffee machines on the market.

At the same time, the interior seems more thoughtful and beautiful when the eye has something to study in it. You can achieve this effect in the kitchen using beautiful elements evenly distributed throughout the entire area. For example, these could be door handles on the facades, a faucet on the sink, a lamp above the island, and appliance parts, united by the same style and color.

Pay attention to the photo below: how elegant the gold-look details look against the backdrop of deep natural shades.

Trend 5: Kitchen Display Cabinets

For a long time, designers have been trying to bring kitchen shelving into fashion – they help give the kitchen a more spacious look and use beautiful dishes and utensils as cozy decor. The idea is not bad, but let’s be honest – all open shelves in the kitchen get dirty very quickly and require constant care. Therefore, housewives try in every possible way to avoid them.

A solution to the problem has been found: display cabinets with glass doors will open the view, but will hide your collection of dishes, antique dinnerware, an expensive mortar and pestle and new stylish jars for spices from dust and grease. And let your vases be visible, and let your loved ones have an incentive to bring home bouquets more often)

In the photo below you see how the atmosphere in the kitchen can change depending on the number of glass doors, the presence of built-in lighting in display cabinets or the use of darkened colored glass.

Trend 6: Warm lighting and beautiful chandeliers

At night, the type of lighting greatly influences the appearance and energy of the kitchen. White fluorescent lamps give the interior a working, sometimes even hospital, feel. The same thing happens when you use just one lamp, placed as usual in the center of the ceiling.

As kitchen design becomes more integrated into the overall living space of the house, they are trying to abandon this in favor of several sources of warm light placed in different functional areas. Minimum required: statement pendant lamps or chandeliers above the dining area/kitchen island + recessed lights/lighting above the worktops.

By the way, LED lighting not only opens up amazing opportunities for creating the right atmosphere but also remains the most environmentally friendly choice in 2024. The dimmers, which are usually used when installing it, allow you to adjust the brightness of the light to suit your needs and biorhythms.

A few more words about the design of kitchen lamps that are in fashion today. Here, too, the trend is obvious: the industrial style is leaving, and the modern style is returning to service. Simply put, stop thinking about work, let’s celebrate life!

Trend 7: Play of textures and eclectic decor

The textures repeatedly mentioned in this article are a win-win option to add luxury, charm, and homely warmth to the kitchen. In 2024, kitchen design combines everything with everything at once: wood, stone, concrete, ceramics, metals, leather, jute, and textiles. The more expressive and rougher the materials, the better. Muted natural colors will smooth out the contrast, and elegant lamps, fittings, and kitchen appliances will combine it all into a stylish modern interior.

Finally, a fashionable kitchen can no longer do without decor. And we’re not just talking about a pretty cutting board or cute clay pots. Of course, they are also appropriate, but it is worth bringing art objects, books, and decor for bookshelves, indoor plants, and vases of flowers to the foreground. Everything is the same as what we are used to decorating living rooms and other recreation areas.

Let’s summarize: in order not to drown in the bustle of a rapidly changing world, you need to be able to breathe in and out. Home is our refuge and place of strength. We hope you find the kitchen design trends presented here helpful. You will be in a comfortable and relaxed environment even when washing dishes or peeling potatoes.

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