How a 100-year-old apartment was transformed!

The apartment is an old modernist building in the historical part of town that was brought back to life. The main goal of designing the apartment was to create a functional floor plan that would suit a contemporary family living scenario, while also paying homage to its authentic historical properties.

The central piece of the spacious living area is the dining table that brings together family and friends. Behind it, hangs a large-scale painting that brings the dining area into focus. The kitchen was decomposed into two different parts. The frontal counter space was left uncluttered. To achieve a seamless look with no visible kitchen appliances a custom-made cooktop was cut from the same granite as the kitchen countertop. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that provides lots of storage space was concealed behind a corner.

All of the authentic components of the 100-year-old building were preserved to celebrate the authentic qualities of the apartment. Herringbone parquet floor and old wooden doors were carefully restored. Original heaters were refurbished and even old window handles were reused for newly designed furniture.

A mix of timeless materials and colors was incorporated into the design to respectfully dialogue with the existing aesthetics of the building. Natural stone was used abundantly in the bathrooms and kitchen and all of the custom furniture was made of darkened oak.

The final result is a contemporary dwelling that celebrates its historical character while accommodating a contemporary life and creating a new family history.

Author: 1PLANAS, Mėta Mozūraitienė
Photographer: Aušra Lekauskaitė
Location: Lithuania
Year: 2021

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