White interior of a townhouse in the style of minimalism

While working on the project, the architect managed not only to fulfill all the wishes of the customers but also to increase the apartment by a whole floor.

The customers, a young married couple with two small children, set the architect a seemingly ordinary task – to master a two-story apartment in a townhouse. The stunning result – an additional floor, a white, extremely minimalist space – is in front of you.

The wishes of the clients were simple – a young family needed a comfortable modern environment with a standard set of premises. Since the footage of the object is relatively small – up to 100 m 2, the building (in agreement with the developer) was increased by one floor. Thanks to this, its area increased by about 50 m 2. In addition, dormer windows were cut into the roof, due to which the insolation of the premises on the new floor and below, in the zones of the second and third light, increased significantly.

On the ground floor – in the representative areas of the kitchen, dining room, and living room – the usual walls were dispensed with. The auxiliary room – the hall, as well as the wet area – the so-called guest bathroom, was isolated with tempered glass partitions, supplementing them (to ensure privacy if necessary) with curtains.

The second floor is intended for personal use by family members – here are the parent’s bedroom and the children’s room, which received a second light due to the built-in third level, as well as the main bathroom. Even higher – in the attic – there is a guest bedroom-study. It took about 2 months to create the project, and the implementation of the plan (the construction of an additional floor, internal construction, roughing, and finishing work) took about 10 months.

The same materials and color palette were used for the design of all floors – the flooring is a self-leveling white floor, the walls are covered with white paint, sliding and stationary partitions are made of transparent and frosted tempered glass on metal guides, the ceilings are hemmed with parquet board with a working layer of oak.

The key element of the interior is the staircase, which was created by three contractors. It was performed in two marches, with a run. Two bowstrings made of black metal hold the steps made of oak, and the railing is made of transparent tempered glass.

House Plan

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