Wall mural in the interior: 16 ideas

It is worth considering that the very definition of “wallpaper” is nothing more than a wording familiar to hearing and simplifying the choice.

Today, any wall covering with a digitally applied pattern is considered wallpaper. Its type – photo or panoramic wallpaper, fresco, or panel – is determined by the manufacturer. As for the pluses of photo wallpapers, they allow you to “change” your place of residence, reproduce any finishing material, “complete” the room with another window or doorway, and visually pushes the boundaries of the room.

1. Wallpaper with an active “plot”

Using photo wallpapers with a visually and coloristically active “plot”, the author of the project optically moves one of the walls, bringing a little more light and air into a small room.

2. Photo wallpaper that reproduces hand-painted plaster

The digital image on the wall covering reproduces scenes of hand painting on plaster. At the same time, the modern material for wall decoration is much cheaper than the prototype, and it is mounted much easier and faster.

3. Wall mural in a niche

Often the dimensions of the photo panel are adjusted when ordering. The image adapts to existing conditions, for example, it is scaled to fit the width and height of the existing niche.

4. Photo wallpaper with the image of a birch grove

Wallpaper is always taken as a starting point. First, they determine their location, evaluate the possible effect, and only then proceed to the selection of other finishing materials and furniture arrangement.

5. Photo wallpaper as a bright accent

In most cases, photo wallpapers are used to decorate only one of the walls.

6. Photopanel of several elements

In the assortment of manufacturers, there are photo panels, which are made up of several sequentially mounted elements. Their dimensions can be adjusted at the installation site by cutting, say, all the canvases in height (if there is an excess of it).

7. Photo wallpaper with a view of Manhattan

Wall mural is one of the fastest ways to “change” your place of residence, moving, for example, to the top floor of a skyscraper in Manhattan.

8. Custom made photo wallpaper

If the desired plot is not among the finished products, the photo wallpaper can be made to order, but be prepared that the print quality may be slightly lower.

9. Photo wallpaper with large flowers

A highly enlarged image of plants and flowers is very popular and therefore is present in the assortment of almost every manufacturer.

10. Narrow photo composition

With the help of a narrow photo composition, you can focus on one of the functional areas or on a piece of furniture.

11. Black and white wallpaper

Most often, manufacturers insure themselves, and the height of photo compositions often exceeds the average ceiling height.

12. Graphic wallpaper

Graphic wall murals, that is, wallpapers with a digitally printed pattern, are not sold in a set of panels, but in rolls.

13. Wall mural depicting brickwork

Wall murals, the image which reproduces brickwork, is a budget alternative to expensive and demanding on the quality of laying facing bricks or brick-like tiles.

14. Photo wallpaper made by hand

Almost all the walls on the insulated balcony will be painted, but for the design of one of them, specially made hand-made non-woven photo wallpapers “Gentle Kiss” are used.

15. Photo wallpaper that visually enlarges the space

The goal of the authors of the project is to visually push the boundaries of a tiny wet room. And the photo trick is confusing, making you believe in the illusory nature of the wall.

16. Photo wallpaper in eco style

Like all other finishing materials, photo wallpapers are selected based on a general stylistic decision. In this case, the author of the project addresses them in support of the chosen environmental theme.

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