How to use the corridor wisely: useful tips and 9 functional solutions

Recommendations for finishing the corridor, choosing furniture, and creating a stylish interior – we have collected practical solutions and stylish examples of corridor organization.

Corridor decoration

1. Light colors

Use light shades for walls: corridors often lack natural light, and this compensates for its absence. 

2. Tiles on the floor 

In the entrance area, it is better to lay tiles on the floor. Laminate flooring will get scratched by abrasive dirt particles that you inevitably bring with your outdoor shoes. You can choose the option of partial tiling and “play” with its shape – you get beautiful zoning. 

Or lay a long tile diagonally. This way of laying always works to visually increase the space. 

3. Facades in the color of the walls 

This visually “hides” the cabinets in the wall and makes them less noticeable. 

4. Mirror on the far wall

Hang a large mirror on the far wall. This will visually double the corridor. 

Functional Solutions

1. Make a dressing room 

Even in a small studio apartment in a niche, you can place a dressing room. The owners of this small-sized 30 m2 sized apartment did just that: they abandoned wardrobes and installed a wardrobe system at the entrance. Another plus in favor of this choice is the ability to use the height of the ceilings to the maximum. A wardrobe of this size would have to be made to order, and this is significantly more expensive. 

A prerequisite for functional storage is accessories. Hangers, fabric shelves, baskets, shelves (pull-out and open) – use the diverse filling of the dressing room in the hallway to the maximum. You may be able to abandon the cabinets in other rooms and all the storage will “go” to the hallway. 

2. Choose hooks and shelves for narrow and small hallways

In a narrow space, you have to make compromises. It is better not to occupy the end walls with cabinets – there will be little space for passage. Opt for hooks and open shelves and keep things you wear all the time there – a few jackets and pairs of shoes. Take the rest of the things to the closet in the room so as not to litter the space. 

3. Put furniture 2 in 1

Pouf + storage system? Yes! What you need for small hallways and corridors. 

4. Organize your work area

Option for small apartments. When there is not enough space in the room, the table can be placed in the corridor. 

5. Make a library

Where to store a large number of books in small apartments? I do not want to force a small space with shelving. The corridor will help: make similar shelves along the walls and place books on them. 

6. Organize your laundry 

Few people think of putting a washing machine … in the hallway. Why not? Leave a place for it in the corner of the dressing room or in a suitable niche. You can even organize a home laundry if you put a washer and dryer on top. 

In the corridor, you can fill the walls with family photos, paintings, and posters. It will look appropriate.

8. Hang a stand for phones and glasses

A small rail will become an impromptu shelf for storing important little things. 

9. Store sports equipment 

For example, a bicycle. It can even become an art object in your corridor. 

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