How to update a boring interior without a major overhaul

Olga Komarova’s apartment lives and changes with its owners. During the remodel, we changed the color of the walls and decor to create a different atmosphere


This apartment was built in 1960 and was inherited by Olga Komarova. Before moving in here with her husband and three children, the designer did some minor remodeling and cosmetic repairs. But the changes did not stop: Olga was constantly repainting something, rearranging it, changing the decor. The son also grew up, he needed to allocate a separate room and remodel the nursery. Now the family apartment looks exactly like this, but the owner admits that this is an intermediate stage, since the interior “lives” with the owners. 


During the renovation a few years ago, the corridor was moved into the area of ​​the rooms to make them shorter and more harmonious in shape. The bathroom was expanded due to the corridor. Now the living room has been divided into two parts with sliding doors and the office has been converted into the son’s room. 

In the kitchen, changes were minimal. The wooden set from the 90s was left; it does not look outdated and fits harmoniously into the interior, where there is a lot of vintage and art.

The arched openings, as well as the glazed doors, were left from the previous renovation. The stacked oak parquet from the 90s was preserved on the floor. A few years ago, decorative plaster was left in the hallway, and the living room and kitchen were painted a rich gray. Now Olga Komarova has changed everything: they completely got rid of the plaster, and for the walls, they chose Farrow & Ball paint, White Tie N.2002. “We didn’t change the batteries, we just didn’t have time yet. I would like to remove the screens and install ordinary tubular radiators,” says the designer.

For numerous paintings, we decided to use gallery hanging. Now profiles run along the perimeter, almost invisible under the cornice, and transparent pendants descend vertically from them.

This area used to be an office, so it was easily converted into a room for my son. The table remained in place, and a single bed and hanging shelves for books were placed opposite the window.

In the bedroom, the walls were also repainted, bright curtains were replaced with lighter and more neutral ones, and instead of a wooden bed, we bought a model with a soft headboard. Beige and mustard shades helped create a cozier and more comfortable atmosphere for relaxation.

Previously, the nursery was intended for three children; there was a bunk bed with three sleeping places. Now two daughters live here, and for each they have provided a bed, a workplace, and storage systems.

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