How to create an “eternal spring” in the interior and save money

In order not to go beyond a small budget, we painted the walls in one color and furniture from the big furniture brands

Svetlana Konkova and Ekaterina Malinovskaya from the Bilbao Design Studio designed an inexpensive interior in an apartment of 65 square meters. The design was based on simple basic finishes and contrasting details. We asked the designers for details of the renovation. 


These are apartments for rent and temporary housing for owners. The apartment did not require a large number of rooms. The kitchen had to be combined with the living room, but not be conspicuous. Therefore, we decided to make a niche wall for the refrigerator, oven, and microwave. The partition was designed in such a way that it would not block the natural light from two large windows overlooking the Volga.

Kitchen-dining room

The budget was limited, so we immediately decided to use IKEA furniture, which created a certain Scandinavian style. For the kitchen backsplash, we chose tiles with a print – it adds dynamics to the interior.

The walls are painted and simulated wall panels using polyurethane moldings.

Living room

The main task is to create a cozy interior on a limited budget. There was a desire to use porcelain stoneware on the floor for practicality. We laid it out in a trellis pattern, which gave it the appearance of parquet.

A neutral palette was used in the furniture, and two shades of green were used on the walls, creating an interior in natural tones. Even in the cold season, there will be spring in the apartment.


In the bedroom, one wall is covered with Scandinavian-style wallpaper. As for the furniture, we used a fairly standard set.


The hallway area was not highlighted separately with color. It has the same paint job as the kitchen and living room. We also repeated the slats from one of the living room walls.

The hallmark of the hallway is a tiled wall and a large mirror. This interesting solution makes the interior more stylish and adds dynamics.

The most important thing about our X that it is for
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