10 budget ways to make the interior look more expensive

If it suddenly occurs to you to shoot a short video about your house, be prepared for unexpected comments to appear on the network – today everyone loves a picture to be luxurious. Here are some easy, budget-friendly ways to generate a wave of likes.  

Paint the doors in a contrasting color

Instead of the basic white color, paint the doors a different color. You can try steel gray or mushroom taupe. Feel free to add bright colors if that’s your style. If you choose anything other than plain white, your home will look different without having to spend a lot of money.

Add expressiveness to the walls

There are many different ways to make molding yourself or add wall decoration. Or, for example, you can reinforce the accent head of the bed. However, it is also easy to enhance the color of one of the walls or change its finish: this always turns out to be what makes the interior luxurious.

Replace handles on cabinets

This little detail makes a huge difference. Swap out the doorknobs in your home for vintage or ultra-modern ones. You will be surprised what a strong wow effect will create the addition of unique handles to a regular cabinet or chest of drawers.


Creating an eclectic and whimsical display of paintings and photographs on the walls is a lot of fun, but if your goal is to create the illusion of “high class”, then you need to reduce the variety of colors, shapes, and textures. For example, choose art or photos that are in a similar color palette. And frames that are similar or identical in size and shape. Arrange them in a regular grid or in steps.

And use white linens

In expensive hotels, the sheets are always shining white. They create a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. By using white linen in your bedrooms, you create a sense of luxury in your home.

Find original lamps

An unusual lamp – for example, in the form of the sun – gives a quick effect. It is better to choose a chandelier that is too large than too small. Moreover, it is easy to make such a lamp with your own hands: you need to take a vintage model as a basis and paint it. 

Choose natural materials

Whenever possible, use natural materials – real marble or solid wood furniture, not veneer. Even if on a minimal scale. Leather, antique brass, and crystal look better than their cheaper counterparts, and the end result when these materials are paired together makes it feel like your home is expensive too.

Get large decorative pillows

Experts say that beds and sofas look more classy with down and feather pillows than those filled with polyester. If possible, choose inserts one size larger than the pillowcases on the throw pillow for extra volume.

And use neutral tones.

If the budget is limited, choose neutral tones as the basis. Let them prevail in furniture, carpets, and decoration. Leave the color for accents: the decor is much easier to change later.

And avoid kits

Resist the urge to buy all your living room or bedroom furniture in one set. Make a variety of all available means: let at least the chest of drawers be different from the general style. 

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