Gerard Faivre

Gerard Faivre is a French designer who revolutionized the Parisian high-end housing market.

Gerard Faivre

Frenchman Gerard Faivre denies being an architect and decorator but calls himself a real estate specialist, and meanwhile, Monsieur Faivre has created dozens of extraordinary interiors. According to experts, he has already revolutionized the top segment of the Parisian housing market, his latest masterpiece – luxury apartments on Avenue Marceau.

“The worst thing you can do is copy yourself. My worst dream – who examines my interior and suddenly exclaims: I recognize the hand of Gerard Faivre. It’s important to surprise and entertain.” Gerard Faivre

According to Gerard Faivre, luxury housing is, first of all, a good location, decent footage, high ceilings, spacious, optimally shaped rooms, and windows. That is why, to implement his ideas, he always chooses ancient buildings with majestic architecture, and not where, but in the so-called “Golden Triangle” of Paris, formed by the Champs Elysees, Avenue Montaigne and Avenue George V. his last work also took place in the heart of Paris, on Avenue Marceau, a hundred meters from the Place de l’Etoile and the Champs Elysées. Your project that united the interiors in The Golden Triangle, Faivre calls Art homes. Its essence is that Gerard invests his own funds in housing, that is, he buys houses as if for himself and also decorates to his own taste: he restores, modernizes, decorates, and furnishes. After that, he sells ready-made housing on a turn-key basis. In his opinion, the worst thing you can do is copy yourself.

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