How to decorate a blank wall: options for each room

We tell you what to hang on an empty wall in different rooms, as well as which of the decorations you can make with your own hands.

Vertical surfaces are the perfect place for interior decorations if you don’t want to take up space on shelves and countertops. There are many options: from paintings and posters to panels, mirrors in beautiful frames, and cute handmade ones. In this article, we have collected the best ideas on how to decorate a wall in any room to liven up the interior and make it more complete.

How to decorate the walls in rooms

When planning how to decorate the wall of the house, you need to take into account the features of the room. There is a universal set of décor that is relevant for any room, but there are also specific options: for example, for the bathroom or the cooking area in the kitchen.

Living room

How to decorate a wall in the living room? A classic solution is posters or paintings that match the style of the room. They can be hung:

  • Above the sofa or dining table if it’s here and not in the kitchen.
  • Between the windows.
  • On any free and suitably sized site.
  • Above the console or chest of drawers.

But art is not the only option for decorating the wall above a sofa or other furniture. Plants in hanging planters or phytowalls, panels, and garlands will add coziness, a mirror in an interesting frame will help visually expand the space. Do you want to combine beauty and functionality? Hang a couple of shelves or a whole rack and arrange decorations there along with books, dishes, or other necessary things. Also, any unusual wall lamp can act as a décor.


In the cooking area, one or two sides are almost always occupied by the headset (and sometimes three if the layout is U-shaped). But there is still free space, and it would be nice to fill it with something.

For this purpose, the following are suitable:

  • Posters, photos, paintings.
  • Shelves on which you can place beautiful jars with food, spices, and dishes.
  • A mirror if the kitchen is small and you want to make it more spacious and brighter.
  • A watch with an interesting design.
  • Unusual accent tiles (e.g. on the backsplash).
  • Art object.
  • A board with recipes is a slate or a pegboard.
  • Decorative wall plates.


This room is primarily for relaxation. Therefore, when looking for options on how to decorate a wall in the bedroom, focus on this.

There should be no too flashy décor, colorful and excessively bright colors, or disturbing images. Classics – posters and paintings. They can hang above the bed, on the side, or opposite – there is no single rule, it all depends on where you want to put the accents. Choose soothing subjects, abstraction or a natural theme is best. Graphics, watercolor sketches, and sketches also look good. Paintings can be replaced with an interesting textured panel.

You can put a shearer behind the bed or hang a mirror in the bedroom, but most people don’t feel comfortable seeing their reflection at night, so place it behind the headboard or to the side, rather than the opposite, face-to-face.

Decorative lighting, which can also be a décor element, gives a special coziness: garlands with light bulbs with warm light, beautiful sconces. And if you don’t have enough storage space, hang a few shelves in front of the bed or next to it.

Kids Bedroom

In the children’s room, you need decorations so that the interior is bright and cheerful.

However, remember that where the child spends time, the main thing is safety. Therefore, everything that is hung on the wall should be well secured and preferably out of reach of curious children’s hands.

How you can decorate a wall in a child’s bedroom:

  • Not too bulky posters or paintings with subjects suitable for age and interests.
  • Posters with their favorite characters – let the children choose them themselves, it is not necessary to fit perfectly into the overall style.
  • Inscriptions or shapes with lighting, including neon (but not too bright so as not to hurt the eye).
  • Paper garlands and any “DIY”.
  • Beautiful shelves for books, small things, and toys.
  • Decorative panels or fresco wall murals.
  • Drawing boards.


The bathroom is a zone of high humidity, with temperature drops and an abundance of steam.

Therefore, jewelry should first of all be such that it does not deteriorate in the given conditions. In addition, there is usually not much space in the bathroom, so it is desirable that each item is functional (or at least takes up a minimum of space).

Of the purely decorative techniques, laconic posters, a small phytowall, and a metal figure panel are suitable. But still, preference is given to functional décor. It can be a mirror in a beautiful frame, illuminated shelves, railings, or hangers in the form of a wooden ladder. This can also include beautiful wall sconces and accent decorations for a specific area: in the shower room, above the sink, etc.

Interesting ideas on how to decorate the wall are in the photo below.


The entrance area, as a rule, also does not have a large number of square meters.

One wall is often occupied by a roomy storage system, predominantly up to the ceiling. For the remaining space, a couple of decorations will suffice. The best options are paintings, photographs, and posters. Due to the minimal volume, they are also suitable for tiny, narrow corridors, where sometimes it is impossible to hang even a small shelf and put furniture. Lighting is an important point. To make your images visible and prevent them from turning into dark, incomprehensible spots, provide them with a local backlight — or a sufficiently bright overhead light that is evenly distributed over the entire area.

Also among the options for how to beautifully decorate the wall in the hallway: a mirror of an unusual shape, with lighting or in an accent frame; mini-shelves; designer hangers for outerwear; Flat panels.

How to decorate a wall with your own hands 

A wide variety of materials are suitable for wall decorations – it all depends on your imagination.

How to decorate a wall with a garland

Light, weightless, rustling-in-the-wind garlands will add airiness to the interior, especially if you have a small room. Such wall décor will only be made of thin paper.

To create a garland with your own hands, you will need time, love for monotonous work, scissors, glue or stapler, pencil, cord, twine, or fishing line. A branch, a perch, and a template may come in handy. Such wall décor is good because it can be used as a zoning element. However, the gimbal will have to be made larger for this.

Dense material is more reliable, but it is more difficult to work with: garlands made of it look bulkier, so you need to think about the fastening.

Three-dimensional shapes

Here you will have to look for or draw stencils for complex shapes. They are attached to a fishing line, thread, or double-sided tape, and pins-studs directly to the wall. Choose a place that is as free as possible from other objects. To make the composition look more three-dimensional, cut out parts of different sizes. You can focus on one detail and thereby even slightly correct the visual perception of the room.

Match the color to the shade of the wallpaper or textile. Contrasting figures or even different shades and patterns look good on a plain surface. For a variegated finish, it is better to choose something monochromatic, but a little darker or richer than the wallpaper.

Macramé panel

Another way to decorate a wall with threads, this time linen, wool, or silk, is to weave a macramé panel. This technique is popular mainly because of its simplicity, which makes it accessible even to beginners. After choosing a scheme, all you have to do is choose the material, as well as the color of the performance.


To create a cloth flag, you will need fabric, threads to match, and a wooden rail for the base. First, it is cut out (with a margin for bending). The edges are processed with a hem seam and a closed cut. On one side, there is a margin to thread the rail. When everything is ready, they start creating an inscription, if there is one. It can be embroidered by hand or stitched on a machine. There are also cloth markers or paints that can be used to write words.

An even simpler option is paper flags. They can be made minimalistic, in the form of plain triangles, or add inscriptions, a wooden crossbar, or stickers.

Fabric paintings

If you have sewing skills, it is possible to make wall mats out of scraps you don’t need. They add coziness to the interior, but are not suitable for every apartment. If the furnishings are designed in a strict classic, minimalist style, Art Deco, such wall decoration will look strange. In other cases, you can safely experiment.

A simplified version is a fabric stretched over a board, frame, foam, or shoebox lid. In general, any item that can be upholstered with canvas. You can choose several different, but compatible materials, and create a kind of gallery or modular composition. It is desirable that the panels echo the color of the tablecloth, curtains, furniture upholstery or carpet.

A sequence of actions:

  1. Cut the fabric with a margin.
  2. Stretch the fabric as much as possible over the base, and secure it with small nails or a stapler.
  3. You can use glue to fix it, but it is more difficult to work with it, you need to be careful. It will be difficult to replace the fabric.

If the resulting décor seems boring, decorate it with lace, beads, and buttons. The main thing is not to overdo it with additional details. Sometimes a plain canvas is preferable. Especially if the interior is initially variegated.

Decoupage mirror

If you already have a wooden frame, you can renew it using the decoupage technique. To do this, you will need thin napkins with a beautiful pattern, scissors, glue for decoupage work or PVAc, varnish for the final coating, sandpaper, a flat brush, water-based paint.

The surface needs to be leveled, primed, and allowed to dry. Then a napkin is applied to it, covered with a thick layer of glue on top. PVAc must first be diluted with water in a ratio of 2:1. The paper can tear easily in the process, so be careful. When the mirror is dry, coat it with two coats of varnish.


A gallery of memorable photos is another easy way to decorate a blank wall. To place your photos beautifully, don’t alternate between black and white and color photos. It is better if they are in the same color scheme. Also, don’t fix them at eye level. Attach the larger ones a little higher. If you don’t want to drill a hole, use a corkboard, special double-sided tape, or liquid nails.

Decor made of corks and planks

You can make a corkboard for notes with your own hands. To do this, you will need a lot of wine corks, a utility knife, PVA, and a box of chocolates. Trim the corks so that they are the same length. Make a hole in the box for the mount, thread the tape through it, and secure it. Spread the bottom of the PVA box thickly. Glue the corks one by one. To make the décor even more interesting, paint all or part of the corks with paint.

You can also make a simple panel of wood, a map of the country or the world on your own, in the end, just hang a beautiful branch on the wall.

Decorative Plates

You can brightly decorate the room with decorative plates. They are often brought back from travels or interesting specimens are found at flea markets. You can paint dishes with your own hands – a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild. Even those who have never been engaged in painting will be able to cope with such a task. This technique is easy to master and does not require the use of expensive materials.

For beginners, dot painting or stencil painting is suitable. In the first case, the contours are created by small dots, so it is convenient to draw in the style of a mandala, creating interesting patterns. Instead of paints, you can use special markers for painting on ceramics.

To create a stencil design, a template is first cut out of paper and fixed on a plate with tape. After the pattern is painted and dried, the stencil is carefully removed and the background is drawn.


Before you start painting the walls, it is advisable to prepare a stencil. This will be especially useful for those who are not artists because it will be quite difficult to correct what has been drawn.

Masking tape can be used for the stencil. It is suitable if the drawing is planned to be simple, or you just want to paint the wall in several colors. For more complex patterns and designs, a stencil on adhesive paper is used. After the pattern has been applied and the paint has dried, a matte varnish is applied. It allows you to save the image for a long time.

Metal Figures

Geometric stylized shapes or silhouettes made of metal are a stylish trend that will freshen up the environment. Such décor can be painted in any color and looks great both on its own and as part of a composition. Such jewelry can be bought or made with your own hands if you have the skill to work with metal.

Cameroonian Hats

Beloved by many designers, Cameroonian Ju-Ju hats are not losing ground: they are still in trend, especially in ethnic and boho interiors. You can place them yourself, combine several models of different colors and sizes, or make the hat part of a decorative composition.

Empty frames

Beautiful wooden or gilded frames (depending on the style of the room) don’t have to frame anything, they look great on their own. Suitable for any room, they can be hung above the bed or sofa or used to fill in the empty space between two reviews.

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