4 easy ways to transform an old sofa or chair with your own hands

Is it possible to give old upholstered furniture a second life? And how! We have prepared several options on how to do this yourself.

1. Reupholstery

If your upholstered furniture looks frankly unpresentable and requires serious changes, approach the issue thoroughly and start reupholstering.

Of course, if the old sofa costs you a pretty penny, and you chose a very expensive material to reupholster it, it makes sense to entrust this task to professionals. If your priority is to save money and give a second life to existing upholstered furniture, you can reupholster it yourself.

We offer brief step-by-step instructions:

  1. Disassemble furniture (including removing armrests and seats).
  2. Remove old and worn upholstery from your chair or sofa. Try to act carefully: using the existing parts of the upholstery, you can create patterns and cut out new parts for reupholstering furniture.
  3. Get rid of old foam rubber (or other filler).
  4. Check the springs and frame of the furniture: make sure they are in acceptable condition, tighten the screws, strengthen the joints of the parts
  5. Select the material for the new upholstery, and prepare parts cut according to old patterns.
  6. Prepare a new filling made of dense foam rubber (or other material). Cover the foam parts evenly with padding polyester (or similar), securing it securely. 
  7. Cover all the necessary parts of your upholstered furniture with the textile chosen for upholstery (leather, artificial leather).
  8. Secure the new upholstery using strong threads, metal staples, and a furniture stapler (with a maximum distance of 4 cm). Try to stretch the material evenly and fasten it as carefully as possible so that you don’t have to redo it.
  9. Assemble the structure, returning all the parts, parts of the mechanism, legs, and armrests. Ready!

2. New cover

For those who are not confident in their abilities and are not ready to approach the issue of updating a chair or sofa so thoroughly, there is a much more simplified option. Buy or sew a new cover: it is much easier, faster, and not as labor-intensive as reupholstery, and the result will be quite decent.

If you purchased upholstered furniture from one of the popular manufacturers, you can buy or have a new cover made to order there. Another option is to turn to ready-made universal tension covers. Or use the services of professional tailors. Or even take measurements and sew the desired cover yourself.

3. Cover

If the previous option seems too complicated to you, there is a much simpler way. A bedspread, selected approximately to the size of a sofa or armchair, will reliably hide the old upholstery and transform your upholstered furniture.

4. Decorative textiles

Well, if you have no special complaints about the condition of the existing upholstery, but your soul desperately asks for updates and changes, decorative textiles will help out: these can be rugs, pillows, natural and artificial mini-skins.

Just a couple of small (and, moreover, relatively inexpensive) accessories – and your old sofa or chair will immediately be transformed and “play.”

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