Vintage chic: 10 decorative elements that will bring the charm of the past to your interior 

A vintage interior looks cozy, catchy, and very atmospheric at the same time, and creating it is much easier than it seems. We’ll tell you about ten things that will help you cope with this task.

1. Box

Girls will love decorating a room with vintage decorations. Most often, designers use this technique for dressing tables and in bedroom interiors.

If you can’t look into grandma’s chest, you can look for suitable items at flea markets or home improvement stores. For example, the photo shows glass boxes that can decorate the interior and add vintage chic. 

2. Chest

In order for vintage furniture to look harmonious and elegant in the interior, there should be 1-2 such items, no more. A small decorative chest that can serve as both a table and a seat looks ideal.

3. Original headboard

Sometimes we don’t even realize what things can be used to create a vintage atmosphere. Look at this room – the style can easily be called Scandinavian, but the original headboard from an old door makes it very unusual. The created ambiance is supported by a large mirror in an aged frame. 

4. Pictures in old frames

An easy way to add vintage chic to your interior is to use antique paintings and photos. Such decor will be appropriate even in the most modern interior and will add romance. 

You can use one large painting in an aged frame or several small posters located on one wall. A feature that will appeal to fans of simple solutions is that they do not need to be combined with anything: such photos and paintings are decorations in themselves and do not require “companions.”

5. Composition of mirrors in metal frames

Mirrors will also bring the charm of the past into the interior of the apartment. An aged mirror with scuffs and light scratches will be ideal; if you don’t have one, you’ll have to decorate an ordinary one or buy a suitable one. 

Most often in interiors you can find mirrors in aged frames. But you don’t have to hang them – you can put them on a shelf or lean against the wall, and if the mirror is large, then directly on the floor. 

It is also common to see several small mirrors in vintage frames on one wall – this is another trick.

6. Vintage tray 

Antique dishes can also be used as decoration, especially in country, Provence, and shabby chic interiors. The dishes will look good not only in a vintage kitchen. For example, a tray in this style for candles will perfectly complement the table in the bedroom and living room. 

7. Flower pots

Flowers in pots can decorate a windowsill or table in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even in the bathroom. To create a vintage atmosphere, it is better to choose small pots made of white or yellow metal. For example, these. 

8. Candles

To add vintage notes to the interior, sometimes it is enough to arrange suitable lighting. For example, place candles on the shelves in a suitable design. 

These items are also practical – with the help of candles, you can create a romantic atmosphere or fill the room with a pleasant aroma. A great option is this candle in a candlestick, as if from another era.

9. Curtains with antique patterns

Vintage textiles can add both comfort and chic to the interior. As a rule, it requires natural materials: cotton, silk, and linen. Vintage curtains can transform the interior of an entire room. 

10. Vintage nightstand

The bathroom can also be made more atmospheric by adding appropriate accessories or furniture. For example, an antique cabinet. The main thing is that there are no more than three objects, otherwise, there will be an excessive feeling. In this photo, the designer created a harmonious composition.

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