11 budget ideas for nursery decor that are easy to implement 

Whatever the overall style of your apartment is, one of the rooms should be special. And what’s more, it needs to change more often than others. Of course, we are talking about a kids room. The place where your child spends so much time should in every possible way contribute to his harmonious development and good mood. 

Many are sure that organizing an ideal space and regularly updating it will require a considerable amount of money. Not at all! Interesting design ideas that will help make a child’s room brighter and more original and will not require large financial costs.

It all depends on the goal: do you plan to make the interior more colorful or practical, or maybe you want to add educational elements to it? We tried to find interesting solutions to non-standard problems. All you have to do is choose the most interesting one.

1. Wall and furniture stickers

One of the easiest but most noticeable ways to transform the surrounding space is wall stickers. You can find them in almost any home improvement store and even in large grocery chains. The stickers are inexpensive and easy to use, they stick well and are easy to remove. They will also be pleasing to the eye, especially if his favorite cartoon characters move into the child’s room.

2. Canopy

An interesting solution is a canopy. Light fabric spread over the bed will greatly transform the interior. In addition, you can throw a bright patchwork blanket on the back of the sofa, which will instantly attract the attention of everyone who enters the room. 

3. Applications 

Appliqués on fabric are also very easy to make. You can cut multi-colored circles, squares, and triangles and glue them onto curtains or sew them onto the carpet. Or maybe it would be better to make colorful covers for children’s chairs?

4. Flags

If your child is seriously interested in geography, help him study the subject. Every day, stick the flag of a particular state in a certain place. Discuss what these colors and shapes represent. At the same time, remember the capitals. And repeat what you have learned once a week. This is an interesting and useful decorative element that is constantly changing, but at the same time, takes up little space. If you don’t want to hang flags, decorate one of your child’s walls with a large map of the world – both beautiful and educational.

5. Volumetric letters

Three-dimensional letters are also good as a teaching element. Make them, for example, from polystyrene foam and cover them with regular cloth. Or you can order a custom-designed book and toy rack. It looks very impressive, but the functionality is no less!

6. Themed garlands

If it’s a cloudy winter day outside and the weather doesn’t add a good mood, create it yourself, for yourself and your child. In any holiday supply store, you will find a large number of flags, garlands, and multi-colored paper pompoms. Hang it all up in the nursery and recharge yourself with the holiday atmosphere. 

7. Bed houses

Bed houses will definitely add coziness. This can be a special structure in the shape of a roof, which is attached above the head of the bed and can be easily removed if not needed, or ready-made bed-houses made in different styles. 

8. Photo frames

Every home probably has 5-6 old photo frames. They can be given a second life by repainting and varnishing. Another option: cover them with shells and kinder figures. Create an original composition with your child and solemnly place it on the wall.

9. Fun storage containers

If there are too many toys in your apartment, but you can’t part with any of them, get special containers. Buy some simple and colorful ones from a furniture store or make your own, for example, by covering ordinary shoe boxes with paper or fabric. You can also paint them. If too much goodness has accumulated, we recommend paying attention to children’s furniture factories that are ready to make custom-made shelving for every taste and color. Everything should fit in this one!

A very necessary and functional thing is a chest. This is not just a fashion trend. The chest solves many problems. You can store bedding or toys in it, sit on top of it, it can become part of pirate gaming paraphernalia and… mom’s pride. After all, it looks so stylish in a nursery!

10. Furniture update

Has your baby grown up and the changing table has become unnecessary? Don’t rush to get rid of it. It can quite enliven the interior if it is covered with the same wallpaper as in the room. Take a closer look, it can become an ordinary table!

11. Drawings on wallpaper

The best option is to allow the child to act on his own, to allow him to be the designer of his own space. Buy special light wallpaper, mark a certain area on it with a frame, and hand your child brushes and paints and let him create. But within the perimeter allocated by mom and dad.

As you can see, there are plenty of decorating ideas, and ways to bring them to life are available to everyone. The main thing is time and desire. And loving parents will definitely find them.

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