How to save money on furniture and decoration: 10 life hacks

When it comes time for a facelift, your budget doesn’t always allow you to make all your wishes come true. But there are no hopeless situations! We share our ideas:

1. Look everywhere

In large furniture stores, things are the same as in little shops: among the banal things, you can unexpectedly meet the sofa of your dreams at a cosmically low price.

2. Don’t be afraid of sales

It is not necessary to cover the entire apartment with bright wallpaper or tiles, unless, of course, you are a fan of the national gypsy style. But when you need to arrange an accent wall, feel free to go on sale in large stores. There, the remains of expensive wallpaper can be bought at a very tasty price.

3. Choose domestic

Pay attention to the domestic manufacturer. In this segment, you can find options that are often not inferior in quality to Italian brands but significantly save the budget.

4. Visit exhibitions

Book your favorite products from the furniture display on the first day, and redeem them on the last day. A kitchen set or a good sofa will cost you significantly less: discounts, depending on the brand, can reach 85%.

5. Don’t over complicate

Avoid curved walls and arches: such design ideas always look impressive, but more often than not they cost a lot.

6. Think out logistics

When ordering content online, think about shipping costs. If you have the opportunity to pick it up by yourself, it is better to do just that. In some cases you can save a lot.

7. Give old things a second chance

During cosmetic repairs, look again at the things that you have wanted to get rid of for a long time. If the old doors are dilapidated, but made of solid wood, it makes sense to simply renew them. If a good parquet floor was laid in the room many years ago, it will be cheaper and more rational to restore it than to buy a new one.

8. Bet on industrial

Adhering to the industrial style in your project, you can not plaster or putty the walls, but only prime and paint them – this will significantly reduce costs. You can make unfinishedness a highlight of your apartment: do not level part of the walls, use pipes and open wiring for decoration, experiment with the ceiling – leave it concrete, or cover it with inexpensive clapboard.

9. Appreciate simple solutions

The simpler, the better: for example, open kitchen shelves instead of the usually closed cabinets will look unusual and at the same time save money.

10. Give up parquet

If your budget does not allow you to choose expensive parquet, look at the tongue-and-groove board, which can be found in construction shops. This is an environmentally friendly, lightweight material, which, moreover, costs several times cheaper than the most affordable parquet.

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