Bureau 48: minimalist apartment with panoramic windows

“When we first visited the apartment, we were delighted by the large panoramic windows and the height of the ceilings, which made the space look incredibly light and spacious,” architects Alina Musina and Polina Tulusheva, Bureau 48, say about their project .

The customer, a young man, wanted a modern minimalist interior, where laconic shapes and textures complement restrained color accents. The apartment with an area of ​​71 sq. meters is located in the Prime Park residential complex in Moscow. The redevelopment affected only the dressing area in the bedroom: blank walls were replaced with tinted glass partitions, which made it possible to make the volume lighter while fully maintaining functionality.

The terracotta color was introduced into the monochrome palette of black, white, and gray, which is locally manifested in the decoration of spaces and furniture. The monochromatic wall covering made it possible to emphasize the purity of the forms, and in the bathrooms, the main element of decoration was expressive porcelain stoneware.

The hallway is designed in beige tones, which allows you to delimit functional areas. In the living room, the walls were painted neutral white and gray, and the slopes of the panoramic windows were highlighted in black to add a graphic touch to the interior.

Most of the items in the project were made to order. Built-in furniture “dissolves” in space and makes the interior as laconic as possible. It is worth paying attention to the kitchen island: it is made of textured material and seems to be a monolithic volume, but at the same time hides storage areas and a hob with a built-in hood. “We believe that we managed to create a memorable, bold interior within the given parameters,” the architects add. “We are glad that the customer supported the idea of ​​a terracotta guest bathroom, which became a striking addition to the laconic minimalist interior.”

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