The kitchen is one of the most important places in an apartment for most people. Even if you practically do not cook, you always want to make this area thoughtful, comfortable, and stylish. However, many are convinced that at the design stage, you will inevitably have to make a choice between a spectacular and expensive kitchen or a simple option that will not hit your wallet.


1. Select materials correctly The kitchen is a room with high humidity and temperature. If you pick up the wrong material that quickly loses its presentation, the space will definitely not look stylish. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to give preference to premium materials: to create a spectacular kitchen, you can choose facades with interesting textures – stone or metal finishes.

2. Choosing a kitchen style In order for the design of the kitchen to meet all current trends, it is important to train observation and be inspired by harmonious examples. Give preference to interiors that evoke a response, but do not forget about functionality – the space should not only be beautiful but also practical.

3. Working with color The main rule when choosing a scale: simple open colors often make the kitchen cheaper. You should be careful with accents: they can be used partially – in decorative elements, in the form of edging or a thin line. But complex shades do not lose their relevance: they add zest to the interior.

4. Think over the layout The competent arrangement of furniture and other items in the kitchen is one of the most important points when decorating a space. Mistakes and bloopers not only make the appearance cheaper: above all, they make the kitchen inconvenient to use.

5. Pay attention to furniture and accessories The filling of your kitchen directly depends on your habits: how often you cook, eat at home, receive guest.

6. Don’t forget: what’s inside is also important Many people mistakenly believe that the main element in the kitchen is the facades, and you can save money on what is hidden. It is worth giving up this belief: high-quality filling of the kitchen plays a huge role.