The task of this project was to develop an apartment interior design for a young woman who often arrives on business trips. The total area of ​​the apartment is 117 square meters, the projected area is 80 square meters. The main goal was to create a competent redevelopment, a laconic and light space, suitable for a comfortable stay of its owner since the existing arrangement of the premises and their nomenclature did not suit the customer. Mandatory requirements were:

1. Spacious and bright dressing room;
2. Bookcase in the bedroom;
3. Guest room, in the future, converted into a nursery;
4. Large kitchen area by the window.

The client’s previous apartment was designed in a classic style, and therefore in her new house, she wanted to do something more modern and get away from unnecessary details and luxury elements.
When creating a design project, a color palette was taken as a basis, consisting mainly of monochrome colors, as well as a harmonious combination of materials and natural textures that create comfort.
Most of the apartment is occupied by the mainstay area, namely the kitchen-living room with access to a spacious loggia with a beautiful view of the city. A spacious soft sofa in gray shades in combination with various tones of wood in the finish sets the calm mood of the future interior. The main accent spot is the matte black kitchen, which forms a single dark block with a wooden ceiling above the kitchen area, which serves as zoning.
The theme of the active use of wood continues in the bedroom. The wall at the head of the bed is decorated with slats illuminated by diode tape. The dressing room, adjacent to the bedroom, is separated from it by a tinted sliding glass partition.
The bathroom, at the request of the customer, was designed in dark colors, using a combination of stone and wood. Also one of the main criteria was the presence of a large mirror and a wide tabletop.
The most peaceful spaces connecting the main areas of the apartment are the corridor and the entrance hall. The hidden storage system and light shades neutralize the activity of textures and materials in the finishing of the main areas of the future interior.
The guest room for this period is not planned for active use, and in the future, it will be converted into a nursery, so the goal was to create a light background, based on which space can be easily modernized.

Head – Tatiana Bykovskaya
Project designer – Anastasia Ershova
Visualizer-designer – Vladimir Korobov

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