Minimalism Magazine Issue No.2 (May 2024)


Dive into the latest edition of our magazine, where the world of interior design and architecture takes center stage. This issue features an exclusive interview with Babayants Architects, exploring their innovative approach to modern spaces. Discover how designers are revolutionizing the recycling of electronics with efficient new methods, and experience an intriguing installation in Tartu that contemplates the cyclical nature of existence. We celebrate Finnish design with Jukka Savolainen’s insights into its top five achievements. For those looking to maximize limited spaces, our guide offers five creative solutions for small kitchens. Explore the new lighting collection from Macrolux Light Factory and delve into the artistic mastery of Mattia Bonetti in art and design. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the 25 most stunning private residences around the globe. Plus, unwind with a look inside the tranquil Babayants Architects-designed Bel Corpo Body Aesthetic Studio, and escape to a serene refuge project by Soil Studios in Hainan. Immerse yourself in a world where design meets functionality, all in this compelling issue.

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Immerse yourself in the digital-exclusive world of our 100-page magazine, meticulously curated to bring the forefront of interior design and architecture directly to your screen. This edition is rich with content, featuring exclusive interviews with industry leaders such as Babayants Architects and visionary designer Mattia Bonetti. Discover innovative approaches to recycling electronics swiftly and sustainably, and take a journey through the existential musing of an art installation in Tartu.

Gain valuable insights from Jukka Savolainen on the triumphs of Finnish design, and find practical advice on optimizing small kitchen spaces with clever designs showcased by leading experts. Be inspired by Macrolux Light Factory’s latest collection that illuminates possibilities, and explore 25 of the world’s most beautiful private residences, offering a glimpse into exceptional living spaces.

Delve into the serene ambiance of the Bel Corpo Body Aesthetic Studio, designed by Babayants Architects, and escape to a peaceful retreat in Hainan by Soil Studios. This issue not only showcases global innovations and aesthetic marvels but also serves as a guide and inspiration for enthusiasts and professionals alike, all available in a convenient digital format perfect for browsing wherever you are.