Rare Venini vase designed by Carlo Scarpa has been found

The object was discovered by a customer at a Goodwill thrift store in Richmond, Virginia. The vase she liked turned out to be the work of the famous Italian architect Carlo Scarpa and was created by him for the Venetian manufacturer Venini approximately in 1947. The product is made of pieces of transparent and multi-colored frosted glass, reminiscent of brush strokes. As a result, the Pennellate vase (or  Model 3664 ) was put up for auction – the Wright auction house team called the object one of the rarest lots of the last decade. Thus, it is known that there is only one product with exactly the same color combination. The model was sold for $107,100 with an estimate of about $30,000–$50,000. 

Photo: Wright Auction House.

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