Danish company HAY presented a line of accessories for dogs

To create the series, the brand teamed up with the team of local interior design and fashion boutique Holly Golightly. The new HAY Dogs range is aimed at dogs of all breeds and sizes and includes collars, leashes, toys, beds, bowls and neckerchiefs. According to the team’s idea, functional accessories made in a playful aesthetic are designed to emphasize the individuality of both the pet and its owner. “We felt we could offer the pet market something new using HAY’s recognizable visual codes and add a pop of color to their typically neutral and understated palette,”  said Mette Hay, founder and creative director of the Danish brand. The collection’s dog bed, collar, leashes and rope toy are made from recycled polyester, while the patterned neckerchief is made from OEKO-TEX® certified cotton. 

Photo: HAY. 

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