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Window decor: trends that have come and gone

Curtains are usually called window decoration, but is this true in a modern interior? We figure out which textile window design is really relevant, and which techniques it is better to forget about today.

Decor without decor

The most trendy window decor is the complete absence of decor. The popularity of minimalism, Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics dictates a restrained approach. The absence of curtains makes the space visually cleaner. Tired of visual noise and excessive consumption, we cut off everything that we can do without. In addition, without curtains, more natural light penetrates into the interior, which we so often lack.

Earlier. Noticeable cornices are no longer relevant – today they are offered to be hidden by choosing a hidden mount. Decorative cornices with curly tips have given way to discreet options even in classic interiors.

Modest view

When you can’t do without curtains – you want to hide an ugly view with the help of window decor, hide from the eyes of neighbors opposite or darken the room – today designers choose the most concise options. Comfort will be added by window decoration with light transparent curtains – they will become a kind of “filter” while letting in daylight. A more practical option is roller blinds, for example, opaque, with a blackout effect. They allow you to achieve a quick shading of the window and, when folded, are almost not conspicuous.

Earlier. Tiebacks, tassels, pelmets, and ruffles are a thing of the past. Instead, we forget about tulle, 3-4-layer curtains, and lined options – all that adds visual noise to the space.

Green materials

The most trendy materials are natural and eco-friendly. Textile manufacturers are concerned about global issues and are betting on ethical window design and decor. Experts say plant materials such as water hyacinth, raffia, abaca, palm, wool, and linen are given priority. The design of the window will be decorated with both wooden blinds in the spirit of the 1970s and curtains made of plain woolen fabric – all the more so that clothes fabrics are returning to interior design, attracting with their ability to lie down with beautiful draperies and folds.

Earlier. Cotton fabrics, the carbon footprint of which is still high. Shiny surfaces and organza are out of fashion.

Actual ornament

The top pattern is discreet or absent altogether. Fashionable curtains are plain, they do not draw attention to the window and are often matched to the color of the walls, for example, for interiors in the Scandinavian or Japanese spirit. The monochrome elegance and modest simplicity of wabi-sabi are opposed by window decoration with ornamental curtains, but always on current topics: these are pencil strokes and watercolor passages in the spirit of Cocteau’s surrealism; motives of the 70s and dynamic geometry of jazz; sea ​​waves, tropical thickets, spectacular flowers from the blurred contours of peonies to neatly embroidered magnolias, lush greenhouses, and luxurious bird plumage, figurative images of fauna and abstract greenery.

Earlier. The window decor chosen by the “set” has gone out of fashion: the curtains no longer have to match the color of the bedspread on the bed or sofa cushions and even more so be from the same fabric. In modern design, floral motifs are used more thoughtfully than before – as accents. Today it is not “flowers”, but rather a botanical atlas.

Considered Size

The harmonious design of the window allows not only adds coziness or controls the access to natural light but visually increases the space. Designers often choose curtains for the entire width of the wall, or even with a slight approach to the adjacent wall – this technique creates the feeling that a huge window is hidden behind the textiles, which means that the room itself is perceived as more spacious. In addition, the visual effect of a higher ceiling will be supported by plain textiles and a vertical strip.

Earlier. It is no longer relevant to exactly match the width of the window – today we are not limited by its parameters. But you should be careful with the length: curtains with an overlap on the floor already look old-fashioned, as do curtains that are too short to the windowsill (except, of course, roller blinds).

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