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White interior with color accents

In any season and in any weather, the interiors will feel the morning freshness and mountain coolness: the light-filled apartment is located on the top floor of a new building in the capital. Minimalism, softened by elements of eco-style, creates an excellent backdrop for a relaxing holiday.

A married couple with a child wanted to decorate the interiors of their apartment in a minimalist style. Initially, the owners were going to limit the color scheme to white but then agreed with the architects’ proposal to use soft color accents. In addition to the studio, a children’s room, a bedroom, and an office were required; it was necessary to equip a pantry, and a large number of storage spaces, but without a separate dressing room. 

Furniture mimicry   

In large-sized storage furniture, the ability to look as inconspicuous as possible and to mimic is valued. In this case, the layout helped: a closet in the hallway, two wardrobes in the bedroom, kitchen furniture, bookcases in the office fit exactly into the niches of the appropriate dimensions. A massive island with a bar counter is adjacent to the partition on the side of the walk-through area next to the bathroom. Between the small bathroom and the pantry, the partition is made in the form of a step, which made it possible to recess the washing machine halfway into the niche and to build a flush rack with shelves for household supplies. 


Before the renovation began, there were no interior walls in the apartment, with the exception of one load-bearing section in the window area. Three windows of the apartment are located on one facade, and two of them occupy almost the entire surface of the wall, another one faces the opposite side. The external outlines of the walls resemble the letter R. A studio was set up near the central window – near the light opening there is a living room area, in the back there is a kitchen; by the window on the left there is a nursery, on the right there is an office, and in a separate arm at the far window there is a bedroom. To the right of the hallway are a bathroom and a storage room. There is a bathroom between the private rooms, connected by a passage. 

Using planning and design techniques in the apartment, it was possible to create a harmonious environment akin to nature, which gives a feeling of security and peace


The apartment was screeded and the floor was tiled with solid bleached oak boards, and in the kitchen, dining room, and both bathrooms – porcelain tiles. The walls were painted over plaster. They tried to maintain the height of the ceilings as much as possible; their level was lowered only in certain areas in order to give proportionality to the interiors and to install ceiling lamps. Air conditioners were installed in the living room, bedroom, and office. The audio speakers of the music center located in the living room were built into the ceiling of the bathroom.

Convenient trajectories 

In a large apartment, wide trajectories of movement and variability of movement between zones are important, and this advantage is worth emphasizing. And for the children (the couple now have two) they also needed space. The main axes of movement are well located: from the hallway they made a through passage through the studio right up to the bathroom wall, refusing to install doors between these zones, and now the look is pleased with the deep perspective. Another axis connects the entrance doors of both bedrooms, and instead of a solid wall, the kitchen is separated from the passage between the rooms by a curtain partition. Wardrobes in the bedroom are placed in niches along the walls, between the sitting areas (by the window) and sleeping, taking up a minimum of space.  


The original spirit of minimalism was generally preserved thanks to the well-proportioned spaces of each room, complementing the ascetic image with dosed decorative accents. So, in the studio, in addition to white, natural woody shades, gray, and muted lilac are used, corresponding to the mood of early spring or a mountain landscape. Most of the furnishings were created according to the sketches of the authors of the project – thus, it was possible to maintain the required dimensions and select an organic interior decoration. 

The apartment is located in the Moscow residential complex “Avenue 77” in Northern Chertanovo, in a monolithic concrete building. The developer designated wet areas and a place for the kitchen tied to the risers, and we did not go beyond them. Each design technique is consistent not only with the general concept of the interior, but also with the characteristics of a particular room. For example, a profiled portal framing a niche behind the head of the bed is designed not only to decorate the bedroom, but also to veil the stepped projection of the load-bearing section of the wall (and thereby avoid the banal repair of uneven areas with plasterboard). In the bedroom, taking into account the ergonomic requirements not to place mirrors in the line of sight from the bed, wardrobes (one of them has mirrored doors) were placed not opposite the bed, but along the walls – each spouse got his own wardrobe. The owner’s office was supplemented with a folding sofa, since this room also serves as a guest room. The tabletop of the desk, installed “by surprise,” was combined with the window sill, and special holes were made in it for the convection of warm air from the radiator.

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