Which bed is better to choose for the bedroom

Getting enough sleep is important. Despite the size of the apartment, a sleeping place can and should be allocated – stop being content with a folding sofa. The quality of sleep is determined by the properties of the furniture, mattress, and pillows. 

Today we are talking about how to arrange your dream sleeping place: what sizes and mattresses to choose, how to choose a bed with a lifting mechanism, and what models manufacturers now offer, we analyze the subtleties of materials and upholstery. We explain the features of the frame and many other parameters that are important to know to make an informed purchase.

Before going to the store to inspect the assortment, take measurements of the room. This data will help with the choice – to cut off models that are too small or oversized. And also understand where exactly to install the sleeping place.

Designers recommend doing this closer to the window – natural light and air are important for healthy sleep. 

1. What sizes of beds are there? 

The first point that is important to decide on is width, length, and height. A person should be able to sleep comfortably, lie in a free position while resting, or, for example, put a child next to him and still feel comfortable – young parents will understand.

So, let’s begin. There are standard dimensions based on the width of the bed.

  • One and a half – 140 cm.
  • Double – 160 cm.
  • Enlarged (known name – king size) – 180 cm.
  • There are two-meter models, but less often.

It is worth noting that the parameters refer to the sleeping place – the frame can be as wide as desired. Based on these indicators, choose a mattress. 

How to decide on the width?

The one-and-a-half size is suitable for children and teenagers – those who will sleep alone. To sleep for a married couple, you need double-bed furniture no less than 160 cm. If the family has a small child who often sleeps with his parents, a wider width is acceptable – 180 cm, and preferably 200 cm. 

To choose the length, add 20 cm to the person’s height. If you sleep on a large pillow, then 30 cm. For people taller than 190 cm, individual measurements are needed – as a rule, making these costs 10% more. Do not neglect this point – after all, sleeping with your legs dangling is uncomfortable. It’s better to overpay once but then relax with pleasure. 

Height dimensions 

There is more variety here, since depending on the style of the model, there may be different heights. For example, high-tech beds have no legs at all; they stand on the floor. 

The standard is 50 cm. It is believed that this is the most comfortable indicator for a person. 

The choice is determined by the age, build, and wishes of the future owner. So, low options are not suitable for older people – they are more difficult to get up and lie down on. If the height is sufficient, drawers are made inside for storing bed linen – pull-out or regular. 

And low ones are suitable only for certain interior styles. 

2. About the types of frame

Before choosing a bed for the bedroom, it is important to decide on the design. Standardly, it consists of three elements: the back (headboard) , sides, and legs, which serve as support. Since there are now a huge number of designs, the appearance of the frame varies, but the elements will be the same everywhere. Sometimes the legs are not visible, and the sidewalls act as supports. 

To make a choice, consider the following rules. 

  • The legs make the overall structure visually lighter – it seems to “hover” above the floor. It is recommended to choose it for small rooms.
  • Those models where there are no legs, but only “solid” walls, look more massive, and besides, it is impossible to remove dust and dirt under them. They are not recommended to be placed in the bedrooms of allergy sufferers or those who prefer a visually light interior. 

How to choose the frame material?


Natural species have always been used in production. The price depends on the type of wood – for example, teak or wenge will cost the future owner a lot. But pine or birch are more budget-friendly. As a rule, they are refined: tinted to resemble valuable species or covered with veneer. Wooden frames are environmentally friendly, and natural woods age slowly. Even after serving for many years, wooden furniture will remain aesthetically pleasing, with all the scuffs and chips. 


Premium options are found in copper and bronze but are most often made from steel and aluminum. Afterwards, the surface is coated with paint, nickel, and chrome plated. 

The steel structure is almost impossible to move; it is heavy. This option is definitely not for single women or older people. Aluminum frames are lighter but more expensive.

Products in the mass market are often made from rolled steel – this is the cheapest option. 

Metal models are chosen by those for whom strength and durability are the main parameters. They are not afraid of mechanical shocks, scratches, or other damage. This is a great option for families with pets. Durable material is the most practical choice in such cases. 

Wood boards

In furniture production, beds are often made from artificial fabrics such as MDF, chipboard, and fiberboard. They are not environmentally friendly, but they are safe for health, as they are covered with large layers of varnish. Among these models, there are “honeycomb” ones – when the structures are hollow inside. They are not only much cheaper but also much lighter than standard options. 

About the foundation 

It is purchased separately from the frame. Previously, instead of a base, plywood or wood board was laid – some unscrupulous manufacturers still do this. 

A good base is a slatted one. The slats can be wooden or metal. If comfort is important or you have back problems, it is better to choose orthopedic grilles. The more slats, the better – they bend more and allow the mattress to do the same – this has a positive effect on the condition of the sleeper’s back. By the way, a bendable base lasts longer and is more practical compared to a wooden sheet. 

3. How to choose the right bed: upholstery options

Premium class

Arpatek is one of the newest materials that feels like velvet leather. The fabric contains natural fibers. The upholstery is thin, but very durable and strong – the manufacturers promise that Arpatek will not wear off over time, like leather. Today this is the most popular type of upholstery, but expensive. 

Relax is a very durable fabric that is also easy to clean. It is recommended to be chosen by young parents or pet owners – in such families, the furniture is “at risk”. 

Budget segment 

Jacquard is a material with a pattern that is applied using thermal printing or weaving. This is a tough type of fabric, but durable. Furniture upholstered in a jacquard looks expensive and aesthetically pleasing. There are different subtypes of material, but we will not delve into their characteristics.

Chenille is soft and pleasant to the touch upholstery, half synthetic. Very durable fabric that rarely wrinkles. Among the fabrics in the budget segment, they are the most popular. Their quality is lower compared to relaxation and arpatek, but the average user will not notice this if he does not subject the upholstery to some increased tests – deliberately getting it dirty, putting it in hot conditions, and so on. 

Flock is a non-woven material. Made from a sticky base and synthetic bristles. Unpretentious, but not expensive. 

Velour is a fleecy fabric. It wears out quickly, and for a sleeping place, this is not practical – especially at the head, because there is constant contact with the head and back. 

Tapestry is perhaps the most durable fabric from the entire list of budget options. It is difficult to cut even with scissors – therefore, durability is ensured. 

Eco leather – easy to clean. Such furniture is relevant for certain interior styles – for example, loft or industrial. 

4. Additional features and storage systems

Before choosing the right bed for the bedroom, let’s also decide on additional functions. They can be a lifting mechanism and built-in storage. 

Such structures have a raised base with a mattress; additional storage systems are often installed underneath them. You can fold seasonal items or bedding sets. There are also designs with a lifting mechanism that helps put away the sleeping area, for example, in a closet. 

There are three types. 

Manual. The mechanism of operation is as follows: a person makes an effort, and the mattress with its base rises. Not suitable for those who do not have strong physical strength: elderly people, and teenagers. But such a modification is inexpensive, and it probably won’t break. 

Spring-loaded. The lift of such mechanisms is equipped with springs; they take on part of the load and facilitate the procedure. However, users of such structures note their fragility – the springs wear out over time and have to be replaced. 

With gas lift. The design works using a shock absorber – a cylinder filled with nitrogen gas and a piston. The gas lift is compressed under the pressure of the mattress with the base and takes on the entire load. You don’t have to make any effort to raise and lower this structure – they are suitable for any person. The downside is the price. Much more expensive than manual and spring modifications. 

5. Mattress

Hard or soft? Latex, polyurethane, or mixed? Decide on your budget and requirements. 

Universal – a medium-hard mattress. A soft one is suitable for people with a healthy back, but a hard one can be difficult to sleep on. 

Natural materials for filler are not the best option. However polyurethane or latex are suitable. They provide good support for a person of any weight. 

6. Style and design

Tips for choosing the appearance of furniture are always individual – it depends on the style of the room, the decoration, and the wishes of the owners. However, there are trends that we can observe in bedroom design. 

Professional designers often choose fabric upholstery for bed projects. As a rule, this is a soft back with perforation – for example, a carriage tie or straight drawstrings. 

Models with thin legs today can more often be found in interiors in mid-century modern aesthetics, as well as Scandinavian style. 

Try to visually “try on” the furniture to the interior. If you make it to order, good salons offer 3D visualization of the future room. If you buy a ready-made model, you can only rely on your own imagination or make a visualization yourself using special programs. This will make it easier for you to make your choice. 

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