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Where to store things in a small apartment: designer tips

For small bedrooms and fairly large and long corridors, it is advisable to move the storage into the corridor. But first, you need to understand what things you will store there and what you will need for this.

1. Wardrobe instead of a dressing room

Built-in cabinets up to the ceiling are ideal for storage in hallways. The doors in them can be hinged or compartmented. The choice should be made based on the size of the cabinet: the longer the cabinet, the more advisable it is to use sliding doors.

By arranging a small corner in the hallway for outerwear and shoes, you can free up space in the main closets. It will be convenient to place guests’ clothes and shoes here.

2. Shelves, hangers, boxes

When clothes for different seasons are stored in one closet, it is better to divide it into compartments. For example, give space closer to the hallway for outerwear and outdoor shoes.

If outerwear is of different lengths, make sections with hangers of different heights. The space under the ceiling is not particularly accessible; travel bags are perfectly stored there. 

Before dividing your closet into compartments, mentally sort through your wardrobe: how many things will need to be hung on hangers, how many will need to be stored on shelves. To the linear meters of rods on which your clothes will fit, add 10–20% in reserve.

It is easier to store shoes in identical boxes, placing them in two rows. With this arrangement, the shoes do not collect dust and are easy to get out. You can label the boxes to make it easy to find the pair you need. 

3. If you don’t have a chest of drawers

If you don’t have a dresser in your bedroom, closed drawers are ideal for storing underwear, socks, and tights. They should be positioned so that they can be used comfortably while standing. The rest of the space in this compartment can be taken up by shelves for clothes (above) and shoes (below).

4. Space for large items

You need to think in advance about where in the apartment it will be convenient to iron clothes – sometimes it is worth using a large area of ​​​​corridors for this. If you iron things near cabinets where you will have to put them later, you will save time and energy. Don’t forget to have a place in your closet for your ironing board.   

Convenient placement of household items and household chemicals is necessary so that the entire design is not “overgrown” with scary baskets, cabinets, and cluttered shelves. Before planning storage, make a list of everything you will need to store. 

Nowadays, robotic vacuum cleaners are increasingly cleaning homes, so you can give up the usual one while gaining space for a bucket and mop. You also need to find a place in advance for tools, an artificial Christmas tree, and sports equipment. 

5. Tidy in the bathroom

Drying clothes also takes up a lot of space. Sometimes it is convenient to place a small ceiling dryer in the bathroom, and for large items, provide a folding floor dryer, which will be stored in the closet. It is better to put a basket for dirty laundry away from the eyes of guests in a cabinet or find an interesting one and make it the highlight of the interior. 

6. Simple solutions

There are solutions that allow you to combine business with pleasure. This refers to creating a soft area by the window. By enlarging the window sill, you get the opportunity to sit comfortably near the window with a book, plus additional space for storing books or dishes. 

In the kitchen, you can increase the height of the wall cabinets. To make them look lighter, the top row can be made with glass doors and lighting. 

7. Make storage discreet

Remember that storage systems should not overload space: on the contrary, they should unload it from things. There should not be a feeling that the main thing in all rooms is cabinets and cabinets. Storage systems can be built-in and blend into the background, and can also decorate the interior, if these are, for example, open shelves with decor. 

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